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  • 00:00: All the good time day on our channel crocheting ru a new master-class knitting openwork beautiful reticulated he It looks the same with front from the wrong hand as it sided here Watch this face side is wrong such It is very nice summer knit tunic blouse rapport
  • 00:32: pattern is 3 sample loop you need to type the number of loops multiple of three + 1 loop for symmetry and pattern 2 + edge hinges Getting Started Knitting the first row of an edge loop not remove provyazyvaya The following two loops provyazyvaem front loop for the rear stenochki eyelets enter the right needle 2
  • 01:02: loop like this with rear wall provyazyvaem together front loop We apply our sc next st provyazyvaem front We knit one report further knitting repeat loop 2 together provyazyvaem front loop for back stenochku
  • 01:31: loops We apply our sc next st provyazyvaem face 2 loops along the front front loop sc as you can see very easily 2 loops are knitted together front loop sc front dovyazyvaem number to
  • 02:01: the end of front edge loop remains one
  • 02:31: loop, this loop for the symmetry of the pattern we provyazyvaem face the following last loop an edge we provyazyvaem seamy turn knitting 2, the back row It fits exactly as the first first and remove an edge 2 loops knit together front loop sc
  • 03:05: front loop and repeat 2 together front loop sc front and dovyazyvaem a number to the end
  • 03:44: This pattern applies to series of patterns is not easy it happens remains one loop with edge before we knit it in the same way front loop as in front row and second
  • 04:00: front bead provyazyvaetsya wrong here and all essentially Airport Here a row we repeat all knitting you need to knit more height several centimeters to look like this pattern will look on your yarn is very I recommend to the beautiful knitting visit our site
  • 04:30: crocheting ru you for yourselves make sure to select the desired master-class pep Have a good mood all the best