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NOT ONLY the BREAD MACHINE, BUT ALSO the CROCK-POT BAKES!!!-------------------------------Ingredients: 800 grams of the sifted flour 500 of ml.tyoply water or milk of 11 grams...  See details »

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  • 00:21: my dear girl Hello everyone today I I'll show you how baked bread Multivarki for our bread at
  • 00:30: It will need 800 grams flour meal I had sifted 1 pack dry instant 11 grams of yeast 500 milliliters of warm 1 tablespoon water 1 tablespoon sugar half teaspoon of salt tablespoons vegetable oil Girls begin to Knead the dough warm vodichku add one tablespoon of salt But without a roller coaster tablespoon of sugar
  • 01:01: lay down without a hill all Now mix add half tablespoons vegetable oil gently stir and Now add
  • 01:30: pitching instant yeast I have here one of the mix up game such a state to salt and sugar and in We all are well Dissolve sugar salt well dissolve the yeast also Now gradually add flour
  • 02:17: a
  • 02:37: Here is the dough we you got I now hand navozhu oil and a little more of his bent table
  • 03:00: a girls dough good mash to it sated we oxygen from this it will have only here is gone get the test I can not put knots and where a part will be
  • 03:31: She approached me I will close Polotenchik somewhere during the hour I two more times will it press down to remove proofed in warm place the dough in my It was one and a half hours on it when I proofed I put on the battery on the battery but I stood is now open see here is it with you dough You got a nostril lush now I it
  • 04:02: I will plant the dough and will spread another 15 minutes in a bowl Multivarki put it 15 minutes on mode multipovar temperature is 35 degrees has she stand up a little bit on proofing Multivarki bowl will lubricate and oil but all sides because the bread
  • 04:30: well we rise at punched dough she stood on the battery
  • 05:00: I cushy turned and I shift it to the bowl Multivarki I shift into a bowl I distribute all rovnenko close lid bench exposed multipovar time 15 minutes of the regime multipovar end start bake bread mode
  • 05:31: multipovar exposed for 15 minutes temperature 35 degrees completed proofing is finished Now open cap look You can open anything Here we see the terrible hlebushek we rose close expose mode bakery products temperature wear than I put the lid baking one mode hour I multivarka 860 watts of power
  • 06:02: if you power greater say thousands him While the place 50 minutes Baking mode completed today open carefully cap see the rose almost to the lid Now it is a little cool and neatly overturn turn will on towel girl
  • 06:30: on this is now lid with holes steamer not succeed neatly flip like this village Polotenchik and this will move the side too then about the peak on the mode 20 minutes baking
  • 07:14: a Now girls are looking which turned out to one hand Now we carefully again to shift it in cup and bake on the other hand my look pretty I turned accuracy towel on a plate
  • 07:30: and now dress neatly little by little our cup Now put Now gently overturn together with a plate that he was with us the cup Dad so look here neatly put
  • 08:05: bowl multivarku pastries which mode we put 20 minutes to the second side bake completed open the lid Now gently we will pull out hlebushek
  • 08:40: my dear here such have you turned hlebushek beautiful high he great propoksya now we appreciate my family loves her bread with crust crisp and so I'm on top of it towel not covered put it here on this podstavochku to
  • 09:00: bread produced too much this one here and it pairs as if still here and so worth little to let off steam and to end baked through there is even you do not like crispy chicken is the top can be covered Towelie's bread I will be cool somewhere probably an hour then I'll show you his cutaway
  • 09:33: and here my dear how bread from us to you It turned out as you can see it is porous with crisp You see all is well prominaetsya hlebushek great