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  • 00:00: Hello I name Ksenia Kuzmenko and today I I want to show you very beautiful hairstyles like me top stylist working with girls and know how they want quickly cool gathering hair that was stylish and cool just heiresses model which we show as many as five hairstyles, and they all will be enough light you can easily repeat at home watch and Now we learn it will be just under collect beautiful hairs for they do not interfere on the face and you could walk somewhere to study at work and they do not fall you in a notebook in book for an hour so such a plan is better to perform such wide comb
  • 00:30: because it makes very nice fast bouffant literally to two such movements accurately also we are doing just farther back Ellochka we are no fix because Varnish from actually exactly bad for Hair is not very I want it frequently use special everyday Now hairstyles overturn our brand is back and the need to attach the desired height hairstyles and fix We do not see no points girls best
  • 01:00: put crosswise so that they do not subsided because this is our foundation hairstyles and then everything very simple, we We begin to pull as it is not our booth see points thin Strands should be a little way we are creating the volume additional reimplemented our Invisible do it like that invisible It must come from the top down parallel to the skin head because so you do not you damage the skin not a day that does not pull and you do not feel at
  • 01:30: You do not have the feeling that that he is somewhere david stealth our we can bang raise a little bit of faces upward and wacom and help like this that's fixed and laid rear we hid simply can sprinkle with varnish slightly and to make such a as a natural a mess when we
  • 02:00: We want to create volume and always paint splatters the light from the bottom up there is not a top-down so as not to interrupt and hair from the bottom up we begin to the second is a hairstyle is a stylish and very cool tail so cocks usually everyone thinks that it simply gather like this but there is no this is not enough make it beautiful to it He looked cool Now we separate such a occipital because of the hairs it so, and about the barrels from ear to ear and
  • 02:30: we are forming a tail We leave the back of the head such here natural cocks so how could they be we also create additional amount because we have a tail sloppy we do the deliberate special way we take casually it is usual rezinochku It may be money rezinochka or any Here is such a rubber rezinochka insert Property canary because of two side is very well fix you You can tighten so how you want your tail it will not subside we first pin based paste your tail We should de parallel scalp the ground under your stick to handle
  • 03:00: little finger grip yes where his fingers and start wrapped around tail that our gum elevator Well you get a nice doing so turnover number allows gum and 2 is desirable to stud entered the same You see the place again still upright from top to bottom it comes at the same place we get very strong tail you do not will need to additionally raise the tail because due we made our tail protection of these cilia mode It has been raised
  • 03:30: beautiful and voluminous on all remaining hairs we start otvis share. From here such Checks will be parted vertical and pull them to base our all at the tail actually quite just Elechka we use These are tiny then there are tiny things their not seen yet born strand and at the same place We fasten it we can gently fold children you fold the rope flagellum then it flagellum you take third of flagella can let's such
  • 04:00: Now they roosters create like here the volume is like natural food on the and they are very nice and unnaturally It made this one then we will know create height volume necessary that you So we can and so pull it up As long as we do not see fit stop homeless worse is better than It looks easier here the steeper you look and be natural who hid here we pulled up stay with them here
  • 04:30: such tails we We take each each These side tails and just scrolled around our tail so much just as they stand up Scroll to and also recorded little canary ispodnizu try to take them longer it was clear and then we your tail just take again the same You do create here such a volume so far you want it to be but such a magnificent 2 easy we haircut I received the following hair will
  • 05:00: create a right on Based on this hairstyle all love often do here such here careless Durkee and all usually they properly collected it looks awful they hit the tail it is passed through gum and it turns out Here's what is Hit this be having to make such share you do initially Here's a tail and farther transform it I painted gather Now I decided parse it into two in part to Depending on the length of your hair than hair for them and the the more pieces you you can collect start to roll different directions here slightly around its axis wood tip gryadochki scroll
  • 05:30: slightly interconnected this is done firstly not to losing your hair and do not fall for to again create additional handsome volume see you just can you do now, we secured around our existing tail small studs back to base tail we show fast hairstyles and therefore I am doing it quickly
  • 06:00: In order for you will just as it is easy to do you can do it is much more beautiful much more research on the case for everyday hairstyles it is not absolutely no need all perfectly well our third hairstyle ready here as a very very cool quickly stylish, we will making the fourth hairstyle we will asymmetrically it was a stylish node Asymmetric and it will fall all the rest of the hair there are also very
  • 06:30: fast and stylish cool look for that what we are doing, we We take our hairs detachable so here a crescent here such a parting yes Now everyone can see it just right here and the remaining hairs we first how to plan a small tail the tail of the hairs which we to tail is divided by 2 pieces and connect them each other like this Now the node is passed uzelochek and tighten
  • 07:00: tying an elastic band on gum is better to take It is enough color hair are hidden and who will not highly visible Now We can here already begins to form volume, we can still do here such here This beautiful volume Thing tightens our tail and wrap it but inside run so far removed Lucy still locks They see immediately
  • 07:30: form a ring and all this we fix pins in the base tail what we do tail because the tail is the foundation for all hair styles for tail kept all but we've got very very sloppy lush loose here such a node on we start to work hair from a person not I would like to here we had a volume we have this kind of vihrik very beautiful here model policy I want to save of Rick that he this created a very beautiful volume us framed a bra yet to us it is necessary to
  • 08:00: where we just now We curl undertake chelochkoy twisting large flagellum in this way can continue raise this flagellum already since we Artist and begin to pull him other locks slightly twist the flagellum and wrap around our original bang
  • 08:36: when you yourself asymmetry look to your facial features It looks beautiful that balanced by very nice all your boredom face eyebrows eyes because asymmetry can very much like decorate and Sports anything from inadvertently if you do something learning so that that it was beautiful, we We do hairstyle fifth it will have
  • 09:00: just enough soon it will be two such beautiful bulk node such bumps ago Ellochka Whether it was fate latest collection Chanel literally last spring and looks really very cool very stylish cool for this we We make two pigtails here such as in childhood trying make the most Gorny do the area behind the ear Now we each tail divide by two such uniform strand with
  • 09:31: each strand pletom pigtail to slightly below dissolve pulling such hinges do their bit just a little thicker and now every pigtail we wrap around our tail We do it enough see not tight that is, we must stay because space
  • 10:00: it form such a beautiful puchochek not tight and fairly lengthy and a second release in the opposite direction like this will be longer than your hair so more volume will be look of your units but although even in such relatively long hair these hairstyles, too It looks cool with one side can seem that this very childish because pigtails tell you that weaving weaving Frost weave It can be either Children are so very stylishly finished in
  • 10:31: our series here such here laconic beautiful hair we did them today 5 I think that each of which you can repeat leave your comments and wishes possible to our next commercials and I will be happy showing you the new hairstyles expect wish you luck you beautiful hair and in a good mood