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Chocolate smudges on cake. How to make chocolate glaze for cake  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello you are on the channel and what Lena certainly doing their chocolate stains cake more delicious it is not surprising that Many bakers use exactly that decoration to create their masterpieces Today I will share with two memory different recipes for chocolate glaze creating the ideal chocolate stains possible to use black or milk but for white chocolate in a proportion will a little different as I would need to bars and fat is not really matter You have can take any of the first
  • 00:32: glaze will not need a little butter and one I will prepare gelatin-based immediately soak gelatin and cook until infuse the first principle of preparing glaze the same and very simple just as well preparing and ganache cream Only the proportion of products will be a little others need to bring the cream to a boil and pour a little chocolate a long way after standing it melts add oil and all mix well to avoid left lumps
  • 01:01: the glaze can be prepared and in a water bath laugh all in one bowl and can be cook microwave I think so faster and more convenient for short sessions 58 seconds can be heated if the glaze I remain lumps of chocolate every time all mixed well until the chocolate is dissolved It is the easiest and fastest way prepare glaze Second embodiment glaze and pour The present gelatin and hot cream thoroughly mixed should remain
  • 01:32: no lump send it all to chocolate and mix until dissolve all lumps [music] I had the cream to cool until I and stir the gelatin is no scary everything can be again heat up microwave oven you can now compare two options left gelatin glaze thicker chocolate with a saturated
  • 02:01: color and creamy oil more fluid and supple and they both absolutely different fall on the port and now I'll show you a trick that It is useful not only for beginners together test the two glaze even if you have properly prepared it never hurts to check glaze before decorating the cake for me this It needs a chilled glass of the same the temperature will be like when my cake I'll get it, and a sweet and do it trial and smudges here seen just
  • 02:32: my oil and cream glaze thick smudges not even reached the middle I'll just add a little warm in the eye cream and try again, this time eyes and such as it is not necessary [music] Let's now compare or gelatin glaze it is a little cooled by this time and I thickens
  • 03:02: it warmed up a little bit in the microwave and I do not add cream so uncomplicated way you can avoid errors Now let's cake decorated with chocolate cake icing it I stood in surface of the refrigerator an hour cake and cold it will glaze freeze as soon as the chocolate stains reach the middle [music] this is my butter on the eyes
  • 03:31: streaks of it in my opinion is obtained more elegant and subtle simply because that it is not so thick Now I'll show you how to bear on cake gelatin glaze is thicker because it has less cream and more relief and due to gelatin streaks it turns out delicious and more expressive both glaze after cooling in the refrigerator remain soft, they do not crack and gelatin
  • 04:00: Glaze is a taste Chocolate is clearly not cost gelatin I felt and about the fact via which is more convenient to make chocolate stains take your pick icing liquid is more convenient to put a spoon and thicker conventional kornetika about how to make a paper kornetik you can look on my channel glaze poured on the remains of the cake and I smoothed with a spatula to decorate a cake with a diameter 22 centimeter took me 200 grams
  • 04:30: chocolate If you have any icing and send in the fridge and the next day when it thickens from it we can make candy taste not different from chocolate truffles I hope my advice will be useful I'm curious to know what icing loved you more if you have any questions feel free to ask them at the bottom of a video or instagram I am waiting for you in my newly uploaded videos to new meetings [music]