Elena Buyan

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Mirror chocolate glaze for cake from cocoa \ud83c\udf6b on water! Fast way!  See details »

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  • 00:11: Hello this video I'll show you how and simply make problems radiant brilliant mirror glaze This glaze can be how to cook microwave and on the stove we need 100 50 grams of sugar 50 milliliters of water and grams of butter oil and 2 tablespoons tablespoons cocoa the first thing you need to
  • 00:30: cook sugar I'll make syrup it is in the microwave pour sugar water little mix I put capacity microwave for 2 minutes power of 1000 watts in two minutes We get stirred syrup and put another 2 minutes so total time cooking syrup in the microwave 4 minutes while preparing syrup I mix the oil with hot cocoa ready
  • 01:03: syrup small pour portions oil jumped
  • 01:30: in process of cooling glaze will become thicker it perfect for ornamentation confectionery and the good itself himself I have a taste melted dark chocolate