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  • 00:09: so for the divining technique for your practical dough what I'd like to do is you set your wheel if you're going to make pockets or pinwheels at a four by four square so my first division so that you don't have too much scrap is going to be just a line straight down then you pick up
  • 00:31: the line one more time to get one more additional row in there again this is not a cutting tool just the pure division I go opposite ends and divide my square and make one more down now so that I don't waste any dough I make this incision right here separate
  • 01:04: the dough and with this half I'm going to make croissants
  • 01:36: for the Danish projects I use a pastry oh you can use a knife but if the dough gets slightly soft you're going to cause more problems to the layers and you're just going to make clean cuts
  • 02:00: make sure that every incision that you make opens up a perfect layer towards a cross-section so that it can lift up and really show off your hard work from laminating
  • 02:39: so for the pinwheels I make an incision about an inch and a half towards the center start here and carry right into the next piece finish it over here here here here here and then you change the angle here to here
  • 03:18: so for this shape I take the opposite wing and fold it towards the center
  • 03:43: for the simple fold I just take these outside wings push them together in the middle and compress them down the goal here is for all of these shapes is that the balance of dough to filling is in a
  • 04:02: good balanced format I don't want to eat too much dough or too much filling this gives me a nice straight line to put your filling into it on this one you have to be careful that as the edges start to brown they're going to become very crunchy and are going to caramelize a whole lot quicker so being careful not to dry them out another Danish shape of like to show you is I call it the butterfly so what you do is you take
  • 04:31: your square and you create a triangle you take a paring knife or you can also use a bench scraper and you will cut about a Baxley 1/2 inch away from the outside edge just make sure you cut in from the closed side in you take it from the other side doing the same thing like so you will open up your square you
  • 05:01: bring your cut pub over it but only to the next cut of the other side without any egg wash flipping the square over it because I would like to work towards me and you're doing the same thing with the other side just like so another one I would like to show you is I call this a hurricane or tornado what
  • 05:31: you do is you take your pizza cutter or you can also use your bench scraper and we will do the same thing like we did before previously with our pinwheel to be cut in from four sides in towards the center of your square you take your two corners over here our towards to the center towards you place it down well turn around your square I've been doing
  • 06:00: the same movements like we did before towards the the center press it down we take this corner in into the center and from the opposite way you taking this corner also place it into the center and if you look at it and see how it spends I will look like a hurricane or a tornado I will demonstrate a full pocket as opposed to the half pocket when I do
  • 06:31: this one I bring the points just together I don't want to create an overlap when I do it I do the same thing here with a good impression and the center but this opens up the corners if you overlap you lose this this is somewhat diminished and that when it bakes it shows off the lamination
  • 07:05: okay this shape is called a pallet we line up the corners with the edge of the table when we take the circle cutter we Center the circle cutter right through the middle of the table make a good cut fold this back make your filling it's ideal for a round shaped filling such as a piece of fruit or a fan piece of fruit to accentuate the shape
  • 08:14: you