Bilateral pattern of "Ажурные ячейки" (Knitting. Sided pattern openwork cells)  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: All the good time day on our channel crocheting ru master class in knitting openwork pattern it front side That's how it looks it Wrong side here too good pattern obtained
  • 00:35: the first row of an edge we do not remove the loop provyazyvaya forth all loops of this series we provyazyvaem Wrong each Loop 1 series provyazyvaetsya seamy loop so
  • 01:02: we were binding until the end of series last an edge loop provyazyvaem wrong here it is
  • 01:32: we first knit number pivoted visa run number of an edge loop we shoot forth enter the right needle once in three loops of rear stenochki here so grab worker thread provyazyvaem front loop and apply our sc
  • 02:00: provyazyvaem 1 more front loop and Now reset merged pizza, we three eyelets cut out of the further knitting repeat enter the right needle in 3 provyazyvaem loop front loop and apply our sc provyazyvaem front reset loop with left spokes
  • 02:34: front loop sc facial facial sc front and so we dovyazyvaem number to the end of provyazyvaya of three front loops sc front
  • 03:21: and the last time I provyazyvayu in his sample front nakida an edge face loop provyazyvaem Wrong dovyazali
  • 03:33: second row I turn knitting 3 number of an edge loop remove next 3 loop we provyazyvaem thus the first seamy loop second front loop third backing and repeat knitting Wrong loop facial purl
  • 04:04: Wrong face Wrong way we dovyazyvaem number to the end of Wrong face Wrong
  • 04:39: an edge loop provyazyvaem seamy we knit number 3 turn knitting 4 number of an edge loop we shoot and then all 4 rows of loops, we provyazyvaem Wrong each Loop 4 rows
  • 05:02: provyazyvaetsya Wrong latest bead loop also provyazyvaetsya seamy loop
  • 05:45: We knit one the height of the report further knitting is repeated first to fourth number you need knit even several reports to see how This pattern will look at your
  • 06:01: yarn in the end Here we get a beautiful pattern tracery visit our site ru hook you for yourselves make sure to select the desired master-class pep Have a good mood all the best