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Pickles for the winter according to the mother's recipe. The crackling cucumbers for the winter without vinegar  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today I want to share my recipe cooking very simple thing delicious crispy salon on cucumbers winter 2 cans we need I'm putting greens I use leaves currants and dill garlic large cucumber us be cut stalk and Put the tray cucumbers
  • 00:32: then perhaps you need put 4 5 cloves garlic if needed big teeth a plant and We fill our cucumbers boiling brine brine can be cook tatli shower 1 liter of water needed take 2 tablespoons salts, in general, and two three-liter jar cucumbers are 333 tires Well here we see our turned sour cucumbers days
  • 01:01: and can add the I grumbles add one bank 2 tablespoons or cheats and again, and reserve infuse more six o'clock significantly Well Well our cucumbers already The present and the protection and now we will last and zaparivat in general I repeat must first pickling cucumbers so they stood then three days add two more tablespoons mustard and put
  • 01:30: insist that they 15 hours merge this one bring to a solution of Boiling and Zaparov completely last but each time the wand a must do individually well and pour Last time scale. and ordered that's basically all cucumbers, but we can
  • 02:01: send remembers them or code Well that's basically all if you I liked my recipe put on your Tes put my channel huskies or dizlayki I will be very happy while meeting and enjoy your appetite