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How to check the generator by car. Main malfunctions. Just about difficult  See details »

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  • 00:04: and so all the guys good day today we'll think about how check generator on without removing machine very article will I have a small I try to bear a short period time and what I'm all it you want tell what the meaning of which I recently I changed the battery and my friends too are changing batteries not always the case in most
  • 00:31: battery Of course if the battery you went there 5-6 years with buying a car then most of the new all this battery on if you say I went there a couple of years half the battery in You have a good some was branded may not be the case it is have you run buy a new battery set his car, he It works for you day 23 and then there are the same He does not twist what engine problem but a problem here generator
  • 01:02: general generator can be removed and look at professional let's say the station that there is not so and so etc. but generally generator can be easily to check on car using let's say a multimeter Now I have at the end of this video will Video from my I checked the car a generator is the video is very useful and
  • 01:30: so that the inspection to the end of first I want to be like to tell about fault Generator now I I will not say how it works it A separate article in I will only say that is, the generator several important parts that is here front cover pulley and the back cover here insulating skin we forget and eat here at We stator and the rotor regulator rectifiers brush holder instead he wrote graphite brushes in
  • 02:01: general, but still happens here we have a bearing then worth bearing are bearing costs and so main faults which have we are that jammed with us ie bearings go crazy here these here bearing that Now stand here cage front and the rear cover and generator is not can rotate normally, or has all the client or he's somehow slips and generation electrical energy you are sucks in Russian Now you need to tell
  • 02:31: disassemble the generator change it bearing on burnt coil on stator but also on the rotor can burn yes it is, I do not finished writing here is in We did not go with us copper coils like this here they are arranged as if they are in such here katushechki section checks they There are burn ie moisture there from reagents to
  • 03:00: get the whole thing corroded they are there burn abut it is not a stator work can also they can wash up folk trio rotor at the router we wound It is here and so rings here and so it may also here We burn out and food you are not the generator will work on failure brush assembly here the brush assembly Now here is the carbon brushes which is why I have them
  • 03:31: marked once they that is, they are erased these know there sprung Here are two brushes so here we are we go along the shaft so here it goes wow Rotor's in here rotor are such as would slots here and this one brush assembly is carbon brushes such we are and spring-loaded top over time, they seem to give here anew from here
  • 04:01: here here and they give to time they wear that is they become less less than less than less than a spring is here hydrogen, and all of them then completely wear here contact Us get bad and this, too, Charger may not be on way out unserviceable relay Well relay control and you take control whether they are i.e relay controller we It is combined with brush assembly here
  • 04:30: there's not worth it It gives battery that is recharged Well, how would he like you say it gives tension there in 14 when working Vehicles 14.8 volts and that is the most more it trolls the controller does not give that is, if it does not was generated could there 16 and 17 V to achieve and this one relay control it
  • 05:01: it regulates voltage so as not to give be recharged our battery not to have burned there is not any light bulbs which diodes and so there Further there is regulator rectifier in fact here we are diodes that make from AC make permanent the ie when there is generation we within a generation
  • 05:32: electric current excuse generator the tautology is here this Stack of us obtained variable we do not ac We need need and constantly here this Further, regulation regulator Rectifier just and is engaged in the same he AC It puts us in constant so to speak But in general, because of the this generator we can go out system in principle everything is easy and just look at the meaning of
  • 06:01: which if the generator It comes from the word of system specifically It is here here here even tearing the strap so Now strap goes here So strap here I should have on the pulley engine where it comes belt's engine we have spinning respectively unwinds generators we generate an electric current here is this belt
  • 06:30: too eager for it generation electric current will not proceed respectively recharge our the battery is also not will all these very reasons may cause that you do not have the battery charged but categorical when you say tears such as name or something burning there stator so there and so further on your panel instruments necessary red lights light a but this battery
  • 07:00: here all have seen it all she will learn you constantly burn as you will dimly lit instrument there dashboard lights it's right panel much fainter glows because that energy will be powered by The battery is not from generator that's also need to understand here it regards about
  • 07:30: malfunction generator that is if suddenly you something somewhere shown here is Here we must first all in the first turn to look generator as if you have multimeters and Multimeter there I do not know how to before the purchase battery it is desirable to measure Now the voltage at battery terminals that is, how many generates a current
  • 08:00: generates your generator, and here I am He wrote at the bottom a small crib and you and me Now playing normal voltage battery 12 half and 12 7 V we have repeatedly We talk about it After starting the machine 13.8 14.5 on both the nitro some modern car 14.8 it is at idle
  • 08:31: have you run car you anything does not work and I was lights no heating or stove no I do not work that is, you take click here the car you work you take multimeter like this Now put the blades and see if that is 13 814 5 within this range so well, in rare cases, August 14th is when car there loaded simply electronics generally there yes it is
  • 09:00: normally after inclusion maximum loads respectively voltage you little falls that it must have prosest July 14 to 13 volts ie August 14 May 14 should prosest to 14th and that's fine see if voltage are lower 13 volts is there 12,712 413 urgently needed check that is
  • 09:30: if you have got or in the car You either idle 13 under a load of you 13 urgently check generator more you all things are not in battery possible generator we already killed battery from the the battery we constantly discharged discharged even if you are charged most likely there sulfation plates already present in the Generally it is necessary to understand now this gap time guys I
  • 10:00: I show two simple method validation his generator 1 multimeter second as if the old antiquated method and generally look like this Not so long ago I changed Now the battery Now this period of time from I have here a Now the battery tension there a little time with us floats are now 1264 3 learn here shows I plugged multimeter terminals
  • 10:31: minus to minus plus plus there can be seen here but swim because of that I think contact Now hit terminal 51100 rubles but it normal voltage of 12 5 to July 12 are the principles we stress I'm okay to check let's say our we need a generator start the car
  • 11:00: and see what we stress It will be launched at cars First we run car without load without load and he must have show the limits of the 13 and 8 to 14 and a half Volt let us now Now run car and Now I see I run so
  • 11:36: so no load I have not given that is as you can see I have nothing is not included headlights Well load have a Three such devices in one well, and let now look like this 1433 normal charging, and
  • 12:00: our suit battery that this is confirmed Now green kitty see green and cat says what charge our normal battery charged all like it is good but it One can see here swim 1434 3535 Criticism holds exactly personal the charge is generally Now the battery now we need to give our battery These jumps but it
  • 12:30: because of probably still recharged and stress a little drop here now we need to give it maximum load load it that we have it in us and lights will be foglights rear glass and let turn on the stove because it We turn on the lights with foglights include
  • 13:00: oven to maximum we include here rear glass and basically I think will that is enough load enough great look well Now guys like me and said 13 of the 14 times floating charge here it all depends on the charge as we have that consumes automatically adjustable from 14 May 14 was September 13 you see here
  • 13:31: It is still under load time foglights stove heating is now hold at 14 13 14 September honeycombs electronic relays regulators ie how to charge battery it gives how not to he her removes here after themselves 14 September 13, etc. But in general meaning of a inspection battery is precisely because generators It happens that way
  • 14:02: if we charge falls below 13 holds is always lower than the 13 It means that we charge does not pass battery that is it is necessary to have engaged generator recharges no less 13 volts it says us that the the charge does not go with us Dawn should not be below 13 volts the whole 7 13.8 than children another
  • 14:31: old check grandfather's checks is to remove the minus terminal see the meaning of a when run engine we Generator must generate energy that enough for all in principle, if we remove the minus terminal and a car from we continue to work means we Generator if we are working remove the terminal and cars have stalling means we have her generator let's work
  • 15:01: Key 10 shoot at the engine running careful guys be careful nothing nowhere that is, close this check 100-year-old boldly and look removed now goes full generation on generator again shows the terminal at we do not have a when the engine running we have 100 generator the percentage of workers
  • 15:30: dress quickly twirl respectively Here is such a light check well that the guys I think everyone now everyone understood how measured as it should and where should displayed a there under stress without load loads Start the engine etc. are also here This interesting method But with glue and when amine sauna and threw off
  • 16:02: many cars will work if you generator faulty it bluntly Here's a stalled I think useful article the video was helpful that's all folks all while if liked we put the huskies subscribe to our channel will be many more interesting video all until all children