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The super-recipe for hair, begin to grow even on bald heads!  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Good day my favorite spectator today show a very demanded Recipes how to do so begin to grow hair grow even on the way high temple so if you there are men problems of the pass please this
  • 00:30: Recipes are very just do not need buy some pharmacies dear money it can be help or maybe not This recipe is the way home I deducted it for a long time even retained in newspaper healthy Life used to be Now I do not know the recipe actually stunning hair become bushy much easier comb grow
  • 01:00: very quickly and stopped falling As I have already said, It begins to grow in it is male there is even a receding hairline begin to grow many checking and way I read and read heard many reviews that hair start at the really grow so nothing to lose if there is a problem necessarily try friends If you are not already Subscribe to my sonnets channel subscribe post as signed
  • 01:30: do not forget to click on the bell ye fuck about new video and for this we We need simple means we must aloe juice is me tea leaves dry tea leaves I show that we You need to do for mustard powder hot water It needs vitamin b6 b6 and b12 unfortunately I did not Vitamin b12 is found
  • 02:02: if you seek it in pharmacy tell for example this is b12 b6 name is vitamin p pyridoxine and us It needs yolk one egg first thing we We need to prepare tea leaves for this take tea solution welding must be
  • 02:30: very strong to us you need half a cup strong welding pour boiling water I need sex a cup of strong tea welding pour form which will then there where the dishes will we do now need mustard powder is it is the highest grade inexpensive sold in all product
  • 03:00: our stores I need sex cup mustard powder of this amount will be sufficient add it all in our tea leaves added all we need is to stir thoroughly
  • 03:30: that was not lumps and leave to cool after As our mix cooled to the same add egg yolk mix half a teaspoon of juice aloe and vitamin b12 1
  • 04:05: ampoule and without six big as I I said I do not have but necessarily the effect of purchase It will be even better, too just add there carefully stir to avoid there were no lumps and here this mixture should be rub into the hair roots
  • 04:31: After you you feel strong burning flush warm water and then rinse with cold for prevention We need to conduct this procedure 1 every 7 days and he that hath much hair or fall formed receding hairline every five days for months and the result just do not make coming
  • 05:00: necessarily if you try on issues such consult friends thanks for whom attention to the following meetings