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  • 00:00: I was not the first time wants to show how to sew a zipper in the duvet cover on Cleanup similarity sew in a zipper pillowcase since I'm not going to Sasha Duvet Cover and I will show a small sample let's say it is our natural lightning there will be more duvet covers do crosscuts on the edges of lightning and as we usually large margins of not doing
  • 00:31: blanket cover of additional pieces cut tissue when starting under a zipper 4 cm wide oversize other 5 centimeters wide so they should be longer longer than lightning centimeters 7 I took on longer than the place itself which is sewn zipper if material allows the volume of tissue
  • 01:02: You can carve out single cut at once type of cars from one side then I plus one centimeter on the one Reputation side and three centimeters on the other hand 4 centimeters that is, that's the same here approximately 7 centimeters more than the it here and so carve out a greater allowance on one side of the blanket cover and the other part under the money I have here 2
  • 01:32: as though this is a duvet cover from the two parts comprising up they duvet cover of duvet covers want to draw your note that the first thing we We sew and only then eat all Duvet else if we first sew duvet leave only slot under the zipper, we will not be able to sew it Now this is a way that I offer take one side of the blanket cover let
  • 02:03: Now that you are on top of the front inside us Wrong will sew a button We sew side distribute allowances evenly on the sides of her
  • 02:38: you can sew a seam one centimeter [music] We do add up tack face with Ambassador
  • 03:00: face from a wheelbarrow with a person had a diameter We sew the entire length of the piping [music] According to not interfere with a pack 1 in decision
  • 03:35: [music] he went in where we piping narrower my So I was sweeping swathes of the seam that
  • 04:01: We also need to accelerate sewed wheelbarrow Neaten concept free glasses and 1 and 2 do it better pre certainly not to pull for a whole duvet cover for convenience, you can These shovchik press them to they have no nowhere and I fought
  • 04:32: I go on an iron and ironing Well I for ironed piping if you allows fabric and you can immediately single cut you benefit from the cars it will be much thinner here, he will have less seams be more careful look now here where we have a narrow piping 4 centimeter sewn sew so we have
  • 05:05: we are the Russian we put Russia in my from here we can start to sew stab bulavochkoy not to lose turn down to the edge of the piping does not sign
  • 05:30: the crook here is that we press them substitute lightning sew
  • 06:01: It could be the way at once, and this fold press it to make it easier to work [music] [music] [music]
  • 06:38: [music] as a form of lightning, we have sewn now we have to decide the formation of 2 impose a blanket cover this part here
  • 07:02: here on this combining these sections here and autocheck putting a fold here fold this Now that a dozen fold may conveniently be slaughtered bulavochkami that we will not slipped anything You can sweep the thread with a needle
  • 07:35: combine and forget folds
  • 08:07: dachshunds pricked folded now here and this part We sew the zipper is how only one facings are on chipped nowhere flee sew the zipper
  • 08:37: [music] Now remove bulavochki
  • 09:20: and we now we have to make yourself a duvet cover ie here the seams here that we go between days
  • 09:30: Lightning in the wrong direction in the opposite direction it is necessary to sew but that's the rest of the seam until sew blanket cover the seams as the mouth it will be convenient here it means removal of this side where we narrow pack sewn so we add shock one centimeter is also where she sewed by car, we just go next to this
  • 10:02: stitching Quilt cover side can be a little wider they take Reputation 1 [music] sew her home here we describe stopper zip with jelly and days of parenthesis that's up to it yet you did skrepochku write on the other side of the zipper, too
  • 10:32: from the beginning I needed a little bit com to reserve a dog is not depended [music] here we combine slices blanket cover stitched and we need to neaten seams
  • 11:03: neaten the seams I'm srezhu smoothly surplus to navi hands could all neaten it is now we need these extra unnecessary allowances already strong could in principle, leave less we need to cut off the other side
  • 11:46: Now I'll probably dismiss these seams here's what I got to here Here ends overcasting not blossomed and
  • 12:00: line I tied knots but could in general it's this broad facings not initially winding but just like that Now smoothly dismiss one overlocking stitching is now left to fix lightning so I'll show you Now we expand our broad facings which we do not have sewn it should be us
  • 12:30: Now sew the zipper so desirable reveal little it does not interfere so she started straighten everything exactly the same way we've got crook ki We combine that's here and so that It turned and simply sew here such a stitching
  • 13:15: the Reputation We straighten wrap here First, even a little bit away
  • 13:35: start not to get on the railways parenthesis on this but they say some we do tack where do we have here but I'm running on outfit she was to us to turn convenient to sew, I like us dog
  • 14:09: move the back equate folds more Thomas end
  • 14:35: [music] all zipper sewn by expanding if duvet cover we get sewn zipper on the back side looks like
  • 15:05: So it's a fold blanket cover himself Reputation We open the zipper and get into podogreem Nick left to live for himself duvet cover
  • 15:35: the perimeter