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Sun-dried fish on Siberian. Yukola from the Pike. How to Salt Fish  See details »




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  • 00:00: Our prosolilas fish looks here so today krasivenko took me three it turned out that the day smells insanely [music] Today will be an unusual recipe
  • 00:31: you call cooking and classic Brine is used today but I will cook without the services a little differently and prepare it very quickly ie in two days we'll be there and now we will need to remove the scales with her and gut to make a cut from here head to the anal fin and the choice throw all offal from her cheek with
  • 01:00: gutted everything's belly and now we you need to finalize it here find spine edge here and here we it is necessary to make an incision Tot'ma pierces pike affair neatly along the spine makes this section of the way SPLIT I sometimes if someone is not difficult if one is normal
  • 01:30: guided in the knife in the comments write a best buy Fillet Knife really for a long time I want to buy all the movies You do not need to somehow does not reach the hands of pestilence but a good knife for cutting fish at all tapering is not the best here most importantly, we get to the tail edge but the farther we go
  • 02:00: if some meat left on the bones the spine is not terrible because all that we have gone back in the ear that's so exactly what we are doing with this hand here again reach the edge Do not cut all on now here and so cut off all our stick have to
  • 02:43: this side just
  • 03:00: there is here we need to cut careful not to damage the area near the tail is all part of our
  • 03:30: It will take all the science in the soup this is now So in such excellent form will have We dry and slightly modified tail area to stay here too much as we have a lot of salt we will not use it is important to the meat was boneless make it good prosolilas and nowhere spoiled so here and so everything looks now it remains only to remove the rib bones and
  • 04:02: we will continue and here they are all They are here already, in principle, as it were, especially large bones there's this part of the we are here and so are now srezh now we need to make cuts cuts can be made on any possible you can search for exactly but I'm doing this time flatten take the wave does not hurt the skin here is the most important cases such small
  • 04:33: preziki distance can be differently but preferably not strongly widely to meat prosolilos OK
  • 05:02: with this part, we are doing the same way do neatly rush us nowhere so what we do it turns out we have been here such iceq will all we powered on and the classical recipe here that's the whole thing must go to the brine ie salty broth such there from spices and salts with
  • 05:32: sugar but I act otherwise especially why I come to this is It was in the summer if we can bring to balcony of IT services on your cool literally 20 minutes the astute summer Studio boiling water is quite long and fish is still there to give heat offer a refrigerator to keep it gone so I found another way without brine and now we'll show you how You need two tablespoons of table salt
  • 06:00: can be heaped so January 2 but before tablespoon sugar but salt ordinary food on stone a little bit just a little bit rosemary removes odor pike pike Unlike all the other fish have a peculiar smell that is difficult
  • 06:33: then we need to bring rosemary here to me a little bit but adds teaspoon I just absolutely remnants here need to add a teaspoon spoon some still come then we need a red pepper It can be a little bit more than half a spoon that is here and so on will be a pike
  • 07:00: enough if you love can be witty and spoon I used to do a lot showered ie greater but for now this is how it there will be such a bit, and I Perchina add more to all this dried Garlic me there are very little who will hesitate or doubt who is not Basically you add and so all but I will add a little bit, we
  • 07:31: about half a teaspoon if you want so that the spices were richer supplements a bit more because of coriander now we have the whole thing you need to mix is such a mixture we get and Now we need to fill up all the fish on the back side can not pour but on the part of all you need to sprinkle fillets here this mixture and the tail also including
  • 08:02: totally necessary if you sprinkle end of mixture you can simply salt that we have it just do not rotten my there will not be but that it is not about that because there still remained, as it were still quite a lot of meat, you can simply envelop but consumption will be much More so it is I will have no such heavily salted so I will do so here Now just to translate the extra
  • 08:41: fish itself will pull itself so salt You do not have to worry about that somewhere you are not it gets a little even now see let just about 40 minutes a huge the amount of moisture and this solution checks it's a little lie down with us about hours
  • 09:04: 5, and then it can not you just uric go on a pillow At first glance, it seems that a lot of here is the salt it is salty but not Remember that there is a high percentage of sugar and salt
  • 09:32: Many parts still come with brine so do not worry you it salty but it will not be in at least salty there is still a little bit is all there is and the tail is not that nothing is lost
  • 10:05: we all too spoiled in prosalivaem Basically here is of course just another face in the brine, but if it is not there fall so you do not spoil the meat All the fish is better to do so in this way We all got here yet Of course a little bit of skin, if desired but this is not so it turns out in
  • 10:35: We Here's a picture, and that's all you We need now to put some kind of container not necessarily in the capacity of the well, at least here here and put the refrigerator so hours 5 see about an hour later need drain the brine will still see how much Brine is I talked about that
  • 11:01: about an hour from the fish will a huge amount of water that's to you Now I understand refer percent probably 20 fish weight already lost count moisture release it will provide us with fast and drying now, we all merge and all extra grade, we also will take all that we have merged and now again
  • 11:32: We leave it an hour we already stood in a form and a further 4 hours a refrigerator It took us a total of five hours yet we have here decent moisture out of the new liquid and Now everything can be hung out to dry Our fish prosolilas look like this
  • 12:05: now krasivenko dries will still that's beautiful here now possible for share a bit and need to hang dry to dry, I'll be on the balcony pokamist is now thawing at the street winter at least that it is windy then to listen if anything in the immediate vicinity of
  • 12:30: battery but ideally dried at temperature somewhere 10-15 degrees well-ventilated place, it is desirable to have such right through Nitschke then it all dries quickly about 2-3 days passed, I had three days of his that turned smells insanely looks
  • 13:00: nicely on both sides the weekend will go Kum try that It happened but I'm pretty sure that there will be all as tasty as before ie meat all lights if now on clearance