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  • 00:03: Hello to you channel smart boom and I want you Stanislav to show you one of my recipes cooked shank baked duhovochke very cool recipe so I want to share with you Knuckle I already It lies in a special form in this form also has a cap if you do not cap is necessary will then wrap foil us need for rubdown
  • 00:30: our knuckles are Spices like hops-suneli paprika Rosemary also adjika black pepper freshly ground salt garlic garlic we We will for shpiguem our fully shin lying, we need make beautiful Our crust shank Well, that went first we take all garlic cut if we come across
  • 01:00: more cut in two often make hole in our hands and paste Inside, everything is very easy to do necessarily need with a small knife small blade pierces a little how would little like to scroll and insert to our
  • 01:32: garlic Well, once it disappears under our skin everything is done very easy and not difficult I have two garlic tick if someone He loves garlic you can put
  • 02:00: but less garlic I needed here, and so have I stayed somewhere with half a head of garlic, I simply cut and scattered throughout form Now we take our spices and rub rub take mix sprinkle some uniformly inside
  • 02:34: a little bit more on top We begin to rub should get very juicy and steal and very tasty.
  • 03:02: so now I will sprinkle clean OPEC already peppers see for yourself much you love piquancy now! just one side and more
  • 03:30: then turn it over and well wipe but the salt on the straight require very highly say about how dining room or one and a half tablespoons need for sony to shower very an interesting taste and all that we are all
  • 04:01: horoshenechko rubbed duhovochku while We put on about 220 degrees to to but basked but it was heated by our shelves and pokamis poured duhovochku can
  • 04:30: leave about 5 10 minutes start and Marina all ideally put on 8 hours refrigerator and then bake for that it meat a wee bit marinated cover with a lid and We put our spirits but we put in duhovochku set hour at 220 degrees, and an hour on it
  • 05:00: Well, that such return the beauty of an hour later I I pulled out duhovochke Now I make a sauce sauce we have mo-us show let's say for visual beauty take approximately a tablespoon of honey and about a tablespoon spoon all soy sauce, we
  • 05:30: stir and such sauce we fully obmazh our shin Now take the brush of MAZ horoshenechko lubricates our shin and in duhovochku We will raise the form without cover for
  • 06:02: that our role is to very good at roasted to was this is very, very tasty crust but still another hour oven but when
  • 06:30: temperature 180 170 degrees and another hours well, that's all my knuckle prepared very very very tasty juicy and so she outside crust is very and very cool I just do Just sat here then I tried to say delicious turned knuckle so recommend that children all pleasant
  • 07:00: appetite until all yet until we meet again subscribe to my Channel place husky but until