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Secret for the economical hostess:) CARAMEL WITHOUT CREAM in 10 minutes  See details »

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  • 00:03: [music] dear friends, great big hello Today we prepare very wonderful delicious soft caramel it can be used as an interlayer in cakes and cake and watered from above muffins or as a sauce for pancakes cheesecakes or cream typically caramel preparing a fatty cream, this option It will milk with conventional or can be take the cream but not fat there 10
  • 00:30: percent say I'm going to do with milk The recipe is simple Well here it is important to observe some things you need saucepan or bottomed or here as in my case I pour a small pan just such completely topless little flour teaspoon incomplete and now for the stirring will fry it such light light brown shade Well flour was light Brown appeared so pleasant nutty smell I add here 100 grams
  • 01:01: sugar and here as soon as a piece of butter 20 grams and now all We mix distribute this way on the bottom evenly and look forward to when it begins Golden sugar to melt and then we'll stir slowly Now I see I already beginning to like this see the thaw will quietly interfere with the main thing in this moment does not
  • 01:31: overexpose when sugar from us completely The entire solution will be such pleasant amber color, we will pour milk milk previously it is necessary to heat very well that it was not a hot thing overexpose sugar otherwise it may taste bitter and accordingly then she caramel result will taste bitter that's completely Dissolve the sugar grains such a pleasant caramel color I shoot from the fire but do not turn off the tile is now
  • 02:00: We will return to the fire and start slowly pour milk milk is very hot infusing quite quite a bit a little bit if you just got all can to flake and accordingly I repeat that again milk is very hot and very very active at the same time stir the still now! shkvarchit So he begins to cool, and I return
  • 02:32: on fire and will continue to have to pour the remains milk on the fire Well Bend dissolve all lumps up and end as soon as the caramel was the smooth and remove from the fire so as not to overexpose pour the caramel in a bowl or jar some and give it to cool just now she this is quite liquid but now if need hot caramel to pour it such as ice cream is very tasty it can be
  • 03:02: use right away if it could stand a little to cool it It will get a very thick caramel delicious and sweet are great for cakes as both interlayer and you can decorate the top can be poured pancakes or ice cream in general to your discretion and try to cook on I sincerely wish you bon appetit Insert husky subscribe to the channel to new meetings bye bye see you