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Honey, garlic and apple cider vinegar - magic tincture.  See details »

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  • 00:01: Hello Friends Irina you Bugloss honey garlic and apple Vinegar is a magic tincture of these natural products they bring a huge benefit our body, even case when applied for separately in the mixture they represent a miracle drink from many problems such as arthritis and arthrosis mushroom increased pressure and sleep, and even many other
  • 00:30: and yet this beautiful mixture was applied to easy weight loss clean and rejuvenates the entire the body is combination does not result no side and its effect useful to take preventive order for this tinctures I need honey natural 1 cup 200 ml 1 cup natural apple cider vinegar Of course it is better if he It is home preparation but in principle
  • 01:00: fit and shop and 1 head of garlic Garlic should be cleaned and how the actual prepare this magic tincture garlic must be crushed matter in what way and then connect all three components garlic and chop here in this same capacity I pour and pour the honey and the Now mix blender good breakin stirred all ready to fly
  • 01:30: iridescent mixture glass jar cover with a lid for To this mixture evolved into magic tincture it must insist and she insists in cool place if there is a cool place except for the refrigerator fit and fridge and she insists in 7 days only after that Time is the tincture turns into magic tincture which really treats how to take if prevention take it , only one
  • 02:00: tablespoon of magic tinctures once daily in the morning fasted for about 20-30 minutes before meals if do you have problems we have in the body that is you want it it is possible to treat one and a half or two tablespoons you can take diluted in water, then have a glass of water take a right the number of infusions and together with this water how much can you drink
  • 02:31: time use this tincture but here you need to decide or courses I I accept such I made one way serving drunk and do break for the week I have at that time yet this is my next tincture will infuse the fridge there are moments when I do something else not drink it infusion means something big break It occurs more
  • 03:01: attention is contraindications firstly it individual intolerance the body some from some one may be from components or 2 nor can this tincture taken people who are sick gastritis or ulcer when you're just start it take it start little by little just a quarter tsp that is, try and make sure that
  • 03:31: First you do not have allergies to these Products in the second that your body normally takes Well this infusion even the taste can someone does not like it's all there if ask questions in I reply comments thank you very much that were with me subscribe to channel if you do not signed and all you very good be healthy