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  • 00:02: Hello this video on request Viewers my channel I want to show I make handles knives, cork Tube can be use stoppers half of the cortical cork but better use cork of champagne they are more and Naturally they have to be
  • 00:30: less dial on the handle here's how to form the plug radishes on champagne Here is such a free that she was there pressed into bottle limit shaped which is not very convenient handle frames for the cat's needs such as the current get a form remove your cork horse microwave Well if there are two or three that I was there mentally hand
  • 01:00: You dozen stoppers meet well it is somewhere in a minute is half and can be obtained here Cork, they are acquire their original shape what do we do next for one ring us need two tube type, and should be crop So we take pipe and cut off
  • 01:32: or rather from her sector families receive Cork ped exactly 2 also recognize We were trying to about the same It happened like this Here in width but to It was around somewhere to not match after
  • 02:01: pruning course you You see that there small bumps mismatch for of this piece new cells are pasted nazhdachki this case double sided tape can that could be 36 56 grain vulture take the cork already
  • 02:38: too sure about it We are now looking fit already even better If there are small gap that no matter how very scary because
  • 03:03: that the plug then But these will press slit next cork glued to bonding can be use any glue waterproof and 88 moment various troubles So I used the a time crystal it says to I glue tubes nanoshu adhesive to one then take the tube
  • 03:35: second and smear evenly look for instructions usually there is glue must before connection parts adhesive should dry 5-10 minutes what this period to evaporated in solvent This adhesive surface process can be accelerate using
  • 04:04: ordinary household hair dryer blue fin now connects here
  • 04:31: these polovinochku and compresses on the glue It says that it is important and the compression force is not duration Generally it's a it turns brusochek
  • 05:00: And now take Again crop and type frames naturally We try these
  • 05:31: the plane was parallel
  • 06:11: it turns out that's a that's an element that's such elements you We need to make necessary the amount of the length your grip here for example to show the It has not been made of small cork
  • 06:30: that's done hole hole Basically, I made use shall be for this set of screwdrivers removable screwdriver and a nail file that's l and inserted into the same buckle nail file Customize the whole with me here for installation these sticks here knives which are not through
  • 07:01: drill hole choose blunt I bought a new take and I want to pay attention to greater strength and glue and sticks placed here these segments if necessary I went to the bonding in the one segment so that 2 of these across the show bonding and did not when bonding will hold and will not be give diverge handle
  • 07:31: It is made along here it is on railing out a cut already there in thickness
  • 08:02: shank fabricated segments already recruited shank to our I floated on the blade on Example of the blade fast forward part and for the bottom and tylnik Evil Come wooden because metal will give negative
  • 08:30: buoyancy knife shank length It must be well 5 millimeters less than planned long handle on the tail end of the century threaded or same are dropped Rods, threaded if you put Wooden pain and p here is the last series The longitudinal and horizontal location crusts on handle typed
  • 09:00: totally worth x fully recruited handle on the shank placed wooden pelchik and end Gadget compressed it all is all natural planted in the adhesive and roasted and passive greased hal between an old all segments that is going lubricated McKay stretched even there where there small gap then When she but pulled compresses pretty badly
  • 09:33: all together and end of the hole under the Gadget which did because in tylniki is sealed Cork is the same I sealed with cork Now the plug is easily handled knife after drying plus all abs gets under way with a knife and then a file nazhdachkoy brought to this here states I impregnates sticking to the hilt
  • 10:04: he becomes a winged diluted acetone here is one somewhere on May 10 to the well 60 there he quietly there quietly covered there again 2030 for them to quietly due in order that the weak glue concentration in dissolve tone he deep into the cork and dry up already in there they
  • 10:30: form does not take If the top crust you will immediately client to cover them internal penetrate and will simply top film as a tray on stripped it impregnation of this somewhere mm 2 It extends itself in handle here dries it turns out that's a knife and if done correctly
  • 11:03: we can swim the same I experienced way I expected three thicknesses Blade 3 millimeters length of the blade 11 cm and width of about 20 22 millimeter well such
  • 11:30: Flesheater length 12 he centimeters floats that do if the knife does not float that is, a little bit not We calculated done thinner handle or thick blade but there is already a you do not handle here paste and nothing naturally it is necessary to and will make a or thinner blade to make it shorter you can try Well then show down have a clean
  • 12:00: Obukhov so he will sharpen shorter will be the you can do the deflection blade that is the thickest metal here will get out of here and so here are striving positive the buoyancy of the Well, that's probably a knife and all in principle I He described as the glue Well as customized I think more money what a secret at all knife does not deal well
  • 12:30: Now this Well, yes and by the way the knife I tried to make straight from the slopes butt that is before made concave shaving descent ideals descents from butt exactly in general also floats slightly but heavier blade also swimming so here it turns the knife comfortable warm general handle on shank but it a little there smile strain
  • 13:01: but rather confidently holding in his hand and Works well suited You can can of course sew all here such fisherman's knife tourist and possibly Hunter even all Thank you all good