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  • 00:00: Imagine them on your the channel is very, very glad to see you all Thank you that you go to visit me and today I want you to you rather share very interesting pattern pay attention to year note only that's linked this cap humanely over me at night But on this here see Figure a drawing and both closer closer it recalls It reminds us of prisoner-related needles but the drawing is connected crochet
  • 00:30: bound of the threads on to Entente can 220-240 meters we've got 100 grams I was knitting in two lines and Now I'll show you LIC in which I now just I know over here see it in bundles 2 strings and Smith up with a brilliant Here dark blue thread you see these what it interesting thin thread it turns out no hands
  • 01:00: viscous and the sword but also looks very very good if we look let's underside and I will appoint So you see, too, too looks very very interesting drawing can be seen use this side and the but on this side of me like more and Now I'll show you how to fit this Now picture one a second you I I clean and take strings here take this string and is exactly the same not . and what we are doing
  • 01:30: Now we will do to take the chain let's recruit chain here actually need let's try Just type and all You dial a chain he is a very fit easily and quickly, and I would I did not say that it is very many buckles consume the I think that drawing even very little Now we are looking at We do that with you
  • 02:00: let's take lifting loop associate here are two lifting loops I usually do and see here in this petelechku introduce trechok and provyazyvaem 1 column with nakida here in the same loop, we introduce the hook and provyazyvayu polustolbik with sc here we have one two three all three loops, we provyazyvaem place then look skip one loop and here in this part yes,
  • 02:32: chain will be here Again knit column with sc and polustolbik with sc Now we do sc skip one loop footprints knit as a column with sc's polustolbik with sc and so on, see
  • 03:01: one missed column with sc and polustolbik with sc knit together you You see these things it turns out we have here Now I tell you I see let us work together to knit to end like this column with sc in the same loop polustolbik with sc 1 missed again next column with nakida here little they sent
  • 03:34: then look elsewhere so it is the table without sc appointed needed here polustolbik Now with sc please again skip knit a column with sc best stretches and with polustolbik nakida here too we missed the bird and deal with column
  • 04:00: sc polustolbik and in the latter, we We do post with sc last loop Chains do 1 2 2 lifting loop I have seen bad making see 2 loops Lifting doing sc and now we have knit between the Now we get here between here Now knit here
  • 04:30: column with sc polustolbik with sc so now whether a second happy again see we get miss one and here again the next that we missed received the following again with a column sc with polustolbik nakida again take one missed the following is obtained between the drawing here
  • 05:02: then it turns out as the small bumps bukashechki between them and knit checkerboard right turns Here we go again polustolbik with sc skip Here one can see from the this next shoulder presentation snip post with sc polustolbik with sc here it is here again one We missed and knit column with sc polustolbik with sc
  • 05:31: now we do here, too, we like this Now it turns out well and I will have all three provyazyvaetsya last loop chain we are do just column with nakida here do again two lifting loop unfold because he also turn off and got such interesting and now we knit here here here
  • 06:02: column and sc polustolbik with sc They missed from in and one-third through the Now knit date to the end and you look like this easily and quickly this drawing is certainly very It looks good from thick thread ladies more texturally looks more convex such we get Boucle bumps seem
  • 06:30: This small movie minor bumps obtained a interesting picture if you fine thread withdrawn thin Threads knit and thin hooks not me who enjoy likes on my head of the figure people knit very beautiful thing Basically, this figure suitable for breeding cardigan sweaters caps he good shape and so holds the main it warm windproof picture here of the last chain
  • 07:00: so wait here not to torture garden something else to do on staggered here and now began to enter We do post with sc, we have a Here is such a figure see hryushechki here they are obtained such insects 100 and that will be nice and interesting so that see very light drawings if someone like
  • 07:30: please try all while before new meetings