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Elastic set of loops spokes for an elastic band. Knitting  See details »

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  • 00:00: [music] Hello dear needlewoman you Again knitting lessons I open the camera Tatiana today I am a master class I show you how loop gain to the edge was very elastic for rice it is used for gum 1 1 2 2 or any other gum If you're wondering what place finger up and let's get started
  • 00:30: so to make the typesetting Region we do with you slipknot such the principles which is used to you can quickly if you do not know how it to do so I'm show place the tip of which the you need to be to his later hide doing here in this way peredachku throw distance thread on top on top and then the main the main thread here
  • 01:01: in this way pull through ring and somehow focus here and in this loop we are Now let us all spice this tip in Later then you You will hide Now watch means general really all inlaid edge is basically consist of the What fabulous hosts they made Now our loop I turn thread that's the way
  • 01:30: counter-clockwise arrows to the main thread of the coil she walked over RF field that thread It comes from spices dress this loop on needle like this way and approach and to the adjacent loop stick do finger sc and thus throw down the with finger loop and tighten down but tab you can get here is water it is somewhere
  • 02:01: it is not clear to leave so I often then mostly tightens up the loop on the knitting needles and come again trailer then my Collar become It closes the loop here and no holes should no longer have to be small small small zazorchik fact that It will not be seen again thread turn counter-clockwise dress on needle Practicing near the adjacent loop thumb throws thread
  • 02:31: work our and toss loop with fingers Down we download drag out here sometimes she is I pull her she that is not delayed to do at this point what's hitch loop on the knitting needles and again reaching for tip of all your Collar became close adjacent to the loops and thus became the neat uzelochek It shows once again counter-clockwise arrow turned on
  • 03:01: actually spoke to hold finger made sc jibe loop through this sc Well this is not a little fox He wants us today stay here such loop I turned again It delayed unclear which tightens on spokes and pull back for tip and here such here loops you see that I have virtually no no gap show one more
  • 03:30: time for you to do more several loops and knit elastic one one to you see what's eventually you will have the edge obtained again show against clockwise turned work thread on top of the case to the spoke to adhere finger made sc and toss this loop through sc not tighten delayed taking little note on the spokes and
  • 04:01: tightens neatly anywhere in no hurry to set It takes time some and a dexterity but in the end you will get the edge who have not received you never even at Italian set the the most important thing, even at the Italian recruitment then you will need to sank additional Rita hollow elastics to come then there is a drawing one on one, two on two and so on here There is no need at all
  • 04:30: so well that the show the last time, let's again against clockwise We put on needle finger Held sc made loop is thrown we do not reinstall delayed so where our loop should this here thus take mall and good tighten the spoke vote that there was no that's just such these Now large broaches
  • 05:00: between the team loop there should not be any no case again better then weaken our loop and more just pull up and that slices you not here everything was typed the right amount loops and immediately We begin to knit turn knitting We begin to knit so like you used to if it is a twist on knitting, you will have the do not forget edge loop if this circular by a no edge loops we is not here Well given that very take to the end yet several tabs you
  • 05:30: knit and low series rezinochkoy and show what will you eventually you want more show that you did you adapt himself will actually be much easier to basically enough quick knit made loop threw small loop just doing all finger threw there is not a movie and all tighten wanted in a hurry It shows not beautiful riding fat done about all very
  • 06:02: fast So I typed Now let's say this the number of loops which I satisfied, and now I knit rezinochku 11 draw your attention I made a set on the a needle if you get a very tight loops, I you recommend of course insert the second needle can less easy that is, take the size if we assume they have
  • 06:30: there you have four here take my daughter there and then substitute what so it will be normal let it I rotary knitting He withdrew an edge loop Now provyazyvaya front Wrong Gum is one on 1 Right Wrong front you see under it just get here if I one spoke Wrong but now
  • 07:03: they then the first row will be My knitting density type Tilke and all It is obtained as Here it is necessary to first ryadochek knit turn knitting and now I knit more and several ryadochkov then show how result in you That will have such way provyazyvayte well, how much you need
  • 07:42: [music] but I tied his thread piece and that's what I want to show you This is my gum turned here it is a cilium 11 Now this edge look, see it It took the form itself gum And now the most
  • 08:01: main show you elasticity of the edges will see it it's just amazing actually turns very flexible stretch and smooth how should stretch with a portion gum that is, here I am I stretch the rubber band and my edge stretches even with the rubber band It has not obtained a situation that I here stretching here is greater here during nesting It turns out not at the edge I get It stretched all evenly tap It runs smoothly and
  • 08:31: like loop that here here here rezinochki while if I return back please Territory come back in my awesome Descent I hope that he too as like as not you he appreciated certainly appreciate You will use We will be happy if you This helped but what I I want to turn thank you so Thank you for watching this video if you liked place finger up do not forget
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