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  • 00:00: how to prepare and gorgeous cake with a fish Today I will tell you beauty friends extraordinary Hello friends today we are together with you prepare family home delicious pie fish that we passed by inherited from generation to generation April 3 the third generation we The finished dough recipe a wonderful approaches to fisheries
  • 00:30: pie I certainly be sure you them share look please feel free to video Friends to the end dough we need 1 a glass of warm boiled water is very it is important to take boiled water that it was not so heavy I pour into a bowl add 30 grams live yeast and for our recipe need 1 tablespoon sugar 1 tablespoon salt
  • 01:00: without slides 3 tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oils course for teeth to our dough was very tasty, we be sure to put 1 egg 40 grams butter and all our ingredients we add one or two minute we spent to agitate all our
  • 01:30: ingredients our friends yeast they are working rise bubble we are friends must now connect with you two of the liquid and the test we usually dry always live yeast put in a brew but our secret in this that we set and preparing bezoparnym I sift dough flour flour for our mind recipe for seemingly will need 500 600 gram and I poured
  • 02:03: the flour and such small movements I begin connect them to get enough sleep flour all at once or in no case ever I do not advise you to our dough in no case there was broken test we It has such a beautiful zholtenky views I sift the remaining of the flour but to get enough sleep they all
  • 02:31: I knead the dough chair I sprinkled quite small amount of flour I I spread our dough as you see it little else sticks their hands on if you adheres strongly to the hands so you need to add more flour at us as if it was formed and we just have to knead
  • 03:01: knead for 5-7 minutes we no longer test it formed in We do not, soft Of course if that's so Now much knead it it can be said that and is such a stick the consistency of his it should be It has to be myagenko no final speech flow no of which there is no bulk we now put to it we rose
  • 03:31: proofing, we will now ECCI 40 minutes in a warm place or EKR over a saucepan with warm water you bet or all of your battery fleshpots of Egypt call or oven you warmed at 50 degrees, and then in the warm powered-off you put the oven the dough to it you not in any way welded it passed 40 Buffet minutes I teach
  • 04:01: some look like we do well risen dough in it us air living and of course not in any case I slaughtered flour very very I had a soft hug visually divide into two of the one part I am doing more than others often make less about it will look like this smaller part we remove to a bowl
  • 04:31: cover with package but because most of us unroll cake cake we should you roll it out thickness slightly less than 1 centimeter and so I have friends unrolled round cake the bottom of the pan and I be sure to sprinkle breaded breading prevent our cake from burning
  • 05:00: he will be very good fall behind therefore, take for yourselves adopt and I spread our cake on a baking sheet [music] and aligns and giving form to our baking and can round cake to make how willing to shell out the shape of the formed form that we We need and we are now should definitely our test to another
  • 05:30: time to get up at We had cake big air error when immediately spread all ingredients and gentle bottom layer It obtained in this as a dry Korzhik so I'll leave to raise 30 our dough in minutes filling our we take rice cake Figure we cooked semireadiness better take in the Round it is softer and more
  • 06:00: He absorbs himself if the fish is Zhirkov's the juiciness and fat it turns out quite tasty and not dry look what a beautiful walleye beautiful colors evident that the fish is fresh and really Royal's it both between the meat and fish color to pink and efforts to juiciness pie, we must be sure to put bow bow as I'm I know some are just
  • 06:30: cooked fish and onions filling many very love and I will tell you so put the taste onions necessarily must be present it is very very thin must be rifling we have to to disassemble semiring here on such thin thin floor I fish it rings section course I removed all the bones but not there is no point here in any circumstances bones We do not have pies present it
  • 07:00: great big minus I cut into error the pieces are not small such that we course fish I felt that she such Plump was piece was more I cut the fish we necessarily and ipad salt so that it we had pies tasty, and in any case dissolute Of course it adds flavor Rebbe Black salt gives pepper put some coriander but it chose
  • 07:31: purely according to your taste have a look I'm good friends pinned brow podsolit and the fish we are remove aside the test we have a very well risen right now- twice It increased by about 2 cm thickness I am very happy it beautiful beautiful we must take it grease or butter or plant for which we do this we We do to
  • 08:00: Our filling is He drowned in the test I grease vegetable oil Now friends and plentifully strew Breading Well, not so liberally sprinkle about us need 1 teaspoon spoon no longer home basis for our filling us prepared and now
  • 08:31: we should put stuffing What layer and the must put some rice how does a layer of fish layer still bow Of course you on your taste is more visible I spread the usual a layer of rice is too thick and not too thin small the amount I I start our rice salt that it was not we have such
  • 09:00: here absolutely tasteless droplet because I it is cooked salted water, and Put the onion Prologue I said lay on your liking we will publish on the average in our recipe need two medium onions Note that friends on the edge, I do not spread filling It is convenient to her
  • 09:30: burns that we juice in any case not resulted in take the pan mental note I spread the fish what is it we appetizing beautiful fish and spread evenly so so here it is we laid down uniformly for your taste you Of course you can just better to put fishes please, I think But for our cake two fish enough on top of the fish and I again I spread my bow
  • 10:01: and on top of onions also we put a layer of rice rice we are a little bit again prisalivaem not Remember friends to put lavrushku one's taste Thing is I'm quite it happens that a fish Well I put here now the prize was a small I make in different places fragrantly will very very tasty and do not forget the most important oil
  • 10:30: butter butter, we must put about grams of probably exactly 60 I thought thought I invented and oil place it should necessarily present it give juiciness aroma and taste like usually we charge our cake for love that we all dream come true to our and our rodnenky We ate a
  • 11:01: delicious pie but where this is still a pie you can buy not peak Only we women We can prepare and that we test here we have it again rose beauty extraordinary we have to unroll cake cake I spread on top our cake I try so expanded so that it evenly laid
  • 11:30: the top and we have to Now raising Our one that we you left especially for ties and our cake we have to pinch your quality even stick It can be a little edge and wrap glue them and to wrap it was certainly raise glue and tuck so
  • 12:00: to filling our very good friend kept glued together and just tuck friends and well We cemented our region pirogue it is very important We put it on proofed for 15 minutes Cover with a cloth or cellophane checks Our regular pie on proofing it we pretty even very tasty and we have yet to
  • 12:30: give it more This appetizing I cook Lizun breakin egg [music] rubbing it in Utah, I add one or two tablespoons milk five and stirred lubricates all fully to all the pie Krayushki all-all-all that it we had all delicious and very beautiful take
  • 13:04: we are well missed and we need for center necessarily make a hole for then we can deal make a few places but I will do one big hole the center to our batter our cake and swollen and we have in any case not I formed a bubble that's just a knife conventional lift a piece of dough and
  • 13:31: srezhu hole we it turned around two by two centimeters it is in the process of cooking slightly delayed but Bubble is not exactly We put our pie in the Preheat the oven to 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes our cake is ready he was preparing for exactly 30 minutes and five minutes later I let him stand up and when turned off the oven so that it our
  • 14:00: found a wonderful color with a zholtenky like Five beauty sun minutes and we have standing on table I should like pie smeared with cream butter milk can grease can sour cream can be just cream it is desirable to give him stand here wonderful color beautiful, we certainly as is now required to tasting it I
  • 14:30: probably take hands so that you show fillings lots of [music] I want to show you what he is within us great design peksya many toppings steamed rice juicy and very, very delicious [music] words are not just pie It melts in your mouth great
  • 15:00: home very, very delicious that even say prepare always with perch you sure I like it Thank you for comments you want wish and such tasty and simple recipes do not Remember subscribe to our find your channel recipe