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Yoga for elderly. Set of exercises No. 1

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  • 00:04: hello friends how are you guessed by we write today our next exercise complex this will be the sixth account we start you do see try to repeat well, that we are in comfortable position sitting position and how usually start with a small warm-up to prepare most of the body mash and and and to prepare more rigorous exercise cant hall store trying
  • 00:34: stretched himself it sit up we move forward in the shadow of the frame before to a pulling fingers and try dragged himself pulling will carry you can see more rise we move to the right side We go down for the right knee
  • 01:04: inhalation study raise themselves right we place the flour on the left the knee is twisted not in a hurry to do twist on the other hand is not forget that when did you start all your attention aimed at what It happens your body it's desirable isolate themselves from any possible external interference turned forward
  • 01:30: hands behind his back caved in trying to close the blade to as far as it will turn defense program cells and slow gently pick them ligula draw the front of the necks tighten the skin, or inspired left hand behind many fast Whether in front of the knees twisting together unfold the legs I try left put his knees in lemov other hand
  • 02:02: back up again to the left good warm-up back exercises lower back and waist straighten feet in front of him We grab camping there where I have reached mean that someone for stretches far enough feature can twist or even fingers in the other options grasp where it turns and dynamically ticket late
  • 02:30: It called for some reason NASA on the boulevard that simply a matter dynamic at stake and stretching his legs and muscles back rise up folding and state transition We go down on your stomach pulling on her stomach how to belly itself body put your elbows under
  • 03:02: legs shoulders can put on upgrades Stop lavoro watch your paws the shoulder it All this sets the position try to shop deploys ago not to drag their neck is not make ahead and just do ago that is, so that's it
  • 03:31: simple but it is important to primary level When back at all not yet as not heated does not bend cleaned with an exhalation We go down to goal combining our feet and remove the palm of hands under a place where there were elbows themselves elbow pinch the gods Multipack they look and
  • 04:05: very next An important embodiment of the Cobra again on the muscles back and even many Why such an invigorating very tall posture spirit We begin connected looking movement to go up not back muscles push-hands are drawn gradually you you feel like muscle to his neck
  • 04:31: most not at the waist begin to be included work actively this can deliver already specific such here intensive but their experience be overcome and stretched because very important muscles lead back good trained able to spine was protected one hand to detain you further opportunities plus there recover and if the adrenals
  • 05:05: you feel that We need 5 seconds just relax You put your hand on palm recovering breath we will do it with you you can stretch out the sky trunk to just to do and then return palms Now shoulders tenderized
  • 05:30: socks and sheets of window the next option cobra Young is complete sagging now you climb another 2 but very carefully it does not lay down a push-ups when you You give all the pressure loin scoring lumbar vertebrae it should be steps to tighten present out of character
  • 06:02: cobra exhale, circa leave position and we still even Razumenko circles slowly back try to hear a left to look for his right leg and on the right side
  • 06:30: dinner and go to bed down by prying We make ourselves up I mean that it is not always be able to do then built on golem do replace more simple version push-ups so that's a half left lifted her yoga is very variativnogo their
  • 07:00: their opportunities exercises there challenges and the way we currently we are working with some simple forms are available and accessible to the development and has starting from which on and on which you can then cheat something more complex you take the left leg knee trying our time to keep on heel slightly off and storing a right and trunk of Naboo
  • 07:39: and add up the palm or share the back foot It can be put on sock and then if you have another Maybe you straighten per minute upper shoulder continually strive 200 Back 1 me and
  • 08:00: It provides the basis for slots due to him, she as if working very data element design but make back carry it the twist finishing turned forward They pushed at once We put forward left foot on the toe and draw breath
  • 08:32: exactly his pants pulled leg stretches back stretched vertebra try not to create unnecessary work stress exactly those muscles on the efforts that needed for Hold goats but do not relax like not sag
  • 09:00: lose Leaving aft and end rise up We take a deep breath are drawn unwrap shoulders We are drawn back again as if standing on your toes you have the power raise the rear knee
  • 09:31: terminology go This is called after virabhadrasany for megane skill is fully not go down exhalation goes down quality rest recreation, you can simply I reached even down pull liberating left leg
  • 10:00: and with the spirit of rise another new item right hand present to the left foot children seized presses to not straighten the right and left hand describing big club went
  • 10:31: in front of the face looks up opportunities out of hand We try to sophisticated Spit do very slowly on each stage very attentively control what what is going on the project exhale omit them down beat brick
  • 11:01: it puts a girlfriend who has 6 series you has appeared brick put his hand on the brick back foot straighten unwrap Vyatka inside eyes that see You heels matched We are on the same line right answer It took up again and He wrote circle hand
  • 11:32: moved forward you here make sure to hand continued line of the body and tass if there Maybe you pushing the same downward stand before the although initially tired lady or shortness of breath after which lowers his hand and gently get out of this position I slowly and we
  • 12:01: We repeat the same series sequence on the right side if you have bearer of the property has you do not fully mastered these difficult enough movement then legs and put a some play to increase the stability of your goat lifted together and left leg bring to borrow from
  • 12:30: you should try to the maximum of front portion your torso belly branches It was for foot add up the palm of your hand front of the chest and right shoulder to you curl but this time it an option between Simply sophisticated difficult it is when you spend torsion of back the bug they are not
  • 13:02: our rollers topic just trying to lifted deep breath pull remember again about the loins not showered down pull up your task here all pull and pull up arms and pull them back Russian borscht and if force
  • 13:31: was to complicate any increase your lessons on as fatigue We descend down exhale lose heart moved left side stretched someone may show what we is very simple someone is very difficult you just for yourself decide someone seems
  • 14:00: You just can do some sequences simultaneously in one time vuitton more than a few who is very difficult to you perepolovinit and even what we do left represent right foot curled having tried cuddle straighten legs back and pulled
  • 14:34: hundred club entertaining to fully direct all the design is very It must be tight hand you intensively pulls ahead heel You pull back and This same position back his version Make a hand
  • 15:03: 5 heel slightly not enough Now many Russian per day of firm straight strained and sound in order to and it ranked as a pit
  • 15:35: this Now hit your vote at omit and sit down service then we do slightly pulling position to relax and have finishing complex Sim stretched right
  • 16:02: puts foot We sit comfortably curve to not do any clothes you nothing interfere with your the original the situation is not distracted as a friend You will be dragged pull your hands forward grab left leg and release the service and not in a hurry working with sensations
  • 16:31: trying to breathe in those areas which maximally resist in that there are here fixing unpleasant clips Now dissolve them somehow try them do something so work slowly requiring increased understanding or attention activity but that zeal then the general It is beginning to yield
  • 17:00: their results tel are beginning to realize that what is required of him and gradually some reverse link Formed It starts here under your task line up result time you can lock to do than to line do we have not body to two-three minutes each side and go beyond son already when or you realize that the movement exhausted
  • 17:30: and no longer has to be there today or when you just from there knocks you You feel that all now you do not want me people with inspiration and climb turns to right foot cool Here and twist not pulling even spine s hands right hand
  • 18:04: bike the right to lunch Levu tightened as much as possible above the knee looks at an angle of 90 degrees the left side seized the leg and dropped down
  • 18:38: starting to take some position I'll limit certainly need make an effort there eat of capture to stretch somewhere cuddle but on a second phase in the phase proper fixation until that time that you keep you pose these initially and effort try I had to remove stretch hands to learn and how
  • 19:00: Then you put them relaxes relaxation change our and relaxation necessarily face relax your necessarily stomach dyhalku Generally the maximum the maximum of that can be raised to unfold in left side and twist
  • 19:32: deployed new before pulling the legs in front of ends well inverted posture if you have do if the plow I do not have many wall then immediately she's corpse pose comfortable and spread out and situation in which you have your eyes closed
  • 20:01: half a minute before not complex long rumble rest recovering breath come in themselves release all there is a process the body all muscle departure body when we state pass with care from head to toes feet to make sure you famous for nothing more zara mini pulled its tail come to himself and cheerfully continue
  • 20:30: your current day the school on rise thanks for attention it was 6 complex Rather, it should think yatour sample was Arina Sharapova grateful glad to meet