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  • 00:00: moved people Well Well her any new era before Yes from the creation of the world is nowadays people live according to certain laws according to which for example is sold intercourse before State
  • 00:30: manages eldest reelection catching special gifts order of attack was stopped by the God is how he plotted guide Some hands violence to the religious teachers are not sought to withdraw men from sin and to guide them in the life of a virtuous and they performed such guidance just as like shepherds herds not by chance the word shepherd, that is, posts found scriptures Old and New Testament so often Lord Himself through the ages treasured
  • 01:00: Ezekiel says I will fast the sheep to go I will smoke them more lost cars and you pikes and Ulyana type returned wounded and moved fortified patient and weigh chippers Steblyuk well that is their amendments and in the New Testament pastoral ministry Church sets itself Christ the Savior to become a pastor heralds its performers divine will and modern pastor their
  • 01:30: predecessors teaches his flock but as willing to supervise them all the way from life salvation Rada Well, how many ways there is some danger block on which modern River damaged and often the same stock like and Janka not hurt pelican or disobedience e.g. but it happens to them people stumble fall, too, can not rise strongly wrong therefore we have our pastor conduct lessons of Orthodoxy
  • 02:00: amendments to Postimees often we look Molodenkov and touches their purity and beauty Emil purposes but at the same time and wonder how they have them manifested worldwide infant quality it just resentment arising from I pleasantly surprised circumstances I certainly in no hurry to ascribe
  • 02:31: owners complex alley I guess, that children's heart no experienced in office the theme is different from an adult which immediately forgets every print and on the circumstances of life pivot club noise Volodymyr Lytvyn It has a survival instinct his mind a few more steps
  • 03:03: and therefore his facial expressions and gestures I think in the form of something resembling resentment adults but in fact it is all this time flower petals at a briefing in a gust of wind and cavity Moscow and bull lighting Bezugly erotic life goes on but
  • 03:33: not by chance, the apostle Paul says bead umup committed and the majority of large families owned family against evil but today just and for reasons one of the city's residents which is stronger than men It deprives him of reason and makes it less visible Agency and infantile mitrofanovskoy polling is ridiculous and
  • 04:06: sadly In any case of damage unpleasantly The reason was to do this so close to each other
  • 04:37: at least in words glory shores for the offense for real when the latter Golovin man the virus conference water comes That's just not through the balance through the street
  • 05:09: and can be directly your heart billiards the trouble is that human seriously offended times watch soccer ukraine looks not only have caused him more generally intends as a mouse but the range of club changes patrol
  • 05:39: sullenly eyes stinging loss in Kiev face painful distorted a place Mill and other Sverdlov billion sociability which are so nicely like cornered silent about the new Offended man withdraws into himself but
  • 06:11: not only a sense of harmony it is often is torn as the talk about themselves those who are of a long-range countries addictions she is find if program strangled like utm Georgia won in April disgusting externally insects
  • 06:41: 37 or he their rings higher and Yushchenko friendship Wolska mastered one of us per day nerves and a dull kind of shelter and I would say that touchiness as a kind of acquired properties door-to-7 deadly sins at the appointed
  • 07:14: hate the spiritual seal of the Antichrist unrest considering we have in Russia 9 in our country Her Majesty the town in which went beyond council blooms in person pressing hand because he considered He feels injections Samara at the door
  • 07:44: from whence why the reason why they we offer under the influence This winter they Czech energy certainly guilty our own business at first glance and sometimes I
  • 08:15: petite peas and speck perhaps you've seen how can swell cobra and it blossoms collar she stands upright position and now quotes in the eyes You must have seen turkey quite picturesque the efficiency with which the architectural extravagances but God forbid
  • 08:48: I hope he is detained word but the fact that in front of you such an expensive later waist immediately
  • 09:19: ie minute so bad and something like this offended and man it all starts with a trifle the boss to remember two inseparable friends of Ivan Ivanovic Ivan Nikiforovich which is available on the saw like this So me judgments a particularly valuable advantage our human self
  • 09:51: anna real It may like soap bubbles grow to become swollen in the first bomb alphabet