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How quickly to clean withers in 3 minutes Simple and effective exercise!  See details »

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  • 00:03: Good day to you Dr. Linsky I'm glad welcome you to its channel, and in this I keep video to share with you my I experience today I show a simple and very effective exercise is will help you to get rid of so it is called the withers some problem very concerned about the very often people are now sit at computers working in the office especially women, this
  • 00:30: disheartening changing posture and person feels insecure not always is able to walk the gym and the often even if the person It makes certain exercise this the problem does not go away to better get rid of it you need to go several osteopathic sessions from one to four but it the possibility is not at and therefore how each I have already said I will show simple exercise will help you establish the problem
  • 01:00: again not repeat not completely resolve for work on the cause so to say impact on the first link the reason for this phenomenon which is in seventh district cervical vertebra most serving here here is that so there is a vector called traction primary somewhere here in the region Krutin and and then secondarily It is a change in vertebrae and can later pull over the body
  • 01:31: on osteopathic session usually we monitor and the fullest We are working on cause now I I show you how impact on the first link that is vector drawn somewhere thoracic region cells in any case it will useful than that People will be less suffer from spasm vessels primarily it because of this there is ligament strain we remove it and I will believe good for your health and apparently also a man
  • 02:01: themselves will feel more So confident start take first put hand on his chest and well here it is on this level one hand is on the chest and the second well, hand goes on the seventh cervical vertebra Kryon 7 of the sixth cervical vertebra It is here that ligaments that connecting sternum seventh cervical vertebra and our task here they go here and so
  • 02:30: sternum and here somewhere that's the way they the sternum go figure sixth cervical vertebra there is attachment and our challenge them just stretch so we put one hand as I said, already on the sternum 2 We cling seventh cervical vertebra here so here's a way Now crochet cap let's say he vertebra we put fingers underneath it, and We will make cravings bottom-up like this
  • 03:02: way Qui-Gon fingers on a vertebra Romka lap well, we do stress not much pull We need that is done They put the body voltage that is so there was a stretch called simply That's how I keep I have a movie there I show self-massage diaphragms that's exactly the same movement made tension and waiting through you feel like your hand makes
  • 03:31: movement of the upper up lower down here I have already gone gone slowly and stretching that is, we are constantly only supports voltage does not pull do not pull no tear very carefully working with the body and you you feel like something inside nice slow stretched here at I already went this I'm just his movement I accompany constantly creating voltage can be here
  • 04:04: so little bend that is all hands went somewhere all movement takes when it has already gone It takes anywhere from minutes to two very pleasant feeling it mildly osteopathic the impact I had also I use in their sessions well, there They have their little I'll feature He showed a simpler option
  • 04:30: Now a movement You can enable it in his morning exercises it will be very especially useful people after forty years in which quantity connective tissue in organism It is becoming more and so there is necessary stretching it movement can apply to other body regions I There is one patient that developed Statement kind Ardi on mastic stretching it gets and the morning starts taking It stretches the neck with this side here and
  • 05:02: respectively here This move on is lower than the body this is someone on that Gorazd I showed very simple ranked by time very few a move that will help you get rid of phenomenon which I I spoke like this called the withers and improve your health this I have all if you like it Video put fingers up subscribe on my channel ask questions and wait for my new video and all the best
  • 05:30: be healthy