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Description of a grade of a tomato ALTAI MASTERPIECE

Description of a grade of a tomato ALTAI MASTERPIECE  See details »

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  • 00:02: this is sort of indeterminate Altai masterpiece this is one of my favorite varieties I grow this variety is already quite a lot s use their seeds and constantly This variety produces but more or less normal and harvest I began to keep up with this masterpiece of Altai season with not the biggest fruit of work
  • 00:30: What to taste it good color fruit red these large fruits grow in it pretty big here such and brush Here, too, such a powerful hand, two such fairly large weather paint a masterpiece, despite the fact that
  • 01:01: this indeterminate salt but it does not very tall so he can see what he a little bit more meters at me like this plus also separate because it's easier to care for it so he gave up the first hand tied second song that there is a small masterpiece depends Altai It has a rather good fruit set at adverse conditions here, we had first ball and then rains heavily
  • 01:32: and yet the segment tied masterpiece Well, of course not a lot of fruit is not record number but for such a difficult season in basically normal here is a sort of masterpiece of Altai and the seeds I'll leave opportunity to keep up here these could bigger reason left for their seeds
  • 02:00: Well, that's the fruit I will simply frustrate them to no matter how prevented others sing, too secret water plan living they had already so well flooded homes we podpevaniya terms you again a masterpiece Well perhaps can be attributed to date the middle chanting that is here Today is August 1 is already the fruits begin
  • 02:31: have to keep up with even the red but when season is possible for tomatoes for open ground more favorable as glasses masterpiece then certainly bears fruit much actively that is many times more than that from Now such ensued fruit
  • 03:02: here there These unfortunately it happens