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  • 00:00: [music] hello friends we are on the channel the garden the garden with his own hands today to continue the conversation about technology growing on the summer island room decorative peppers as I promised and how I have been asked many of our Subscribers exactly a month ago, namely to be precise on December 10 last year we are sown here this bowl
  • 00:32: two varieties of one kind of a black prince 2 five-color Now that we have that I want said some people asked to send there are 10 5 to 10 but I say that it is very small Laboratory number have speed like laboratory with our forest seed about 80 percent and has a field speed that is different circumstances
  • 01:02: impact on safety and on germination and then survival may so say some plants you can see some have such growth Some of the other if it is too small already they probably are not worth more to them work but would still that we have on this form he stood on the colors
  • 01:31: exactly one month with a backlight to that sides day today evening course in the afternoon sun strength came from this room therefore included not see pepper stretched pretty good leaves thick stems, and now we are just We show how to continue with him worked on the swooping so friends produced the pick of our plants
  • 02:01: hot pepper which there may be pitfalls but above all to prepare properly ground if we'll see it very light Well there is that there is moisture on the course it must be like this when landing about average moisture content then we lift but it will be natural moisture the value of dry if it is not dry We get out there but we can not
  • 02:32: make even jacks it will crumble all the time and therefore the main composition of the soil we do 30 percent sand 30 percent 20 percent chernozem Peat can certainly take a commercially available yet it would be better and safer it will not listed and 10 per cent of the break I strongly digested can not be used before starting the work for us
  • 03:02: hour before the pick, watering profusely for this ploshechku not to destroy by then landing transfer plants here such a clod wind he modules and take a spoon the more we will take soil not kolyatsya fundamentally those will be more likely when chewing
  • 03:33: but successfully do so here zaglublyat bury you need no more than a centimeter or two than it was in our bowls if we are too hacked to death can occur lifting the roots and the plant can fall but above all we do normal
  • 04:01: lune planting and then We produce all over each time not to make the production of this work We need to try to be less tall dare you rise to that higher were separate to avoid this little this great big will oppress small and so picks our father and we completed We produce shall water shall water produce water with addition just kornevina can be mitigated to
  • 04:35: Now the bottle around in the world liters aloe juice is a natural but ukorenitel generally accepted good pepper I'm here at the same time add rate of 20 grams per 10 liters of calculation NPK look around here If you look at this kind of mouth
  • 05:00: a little bit then it will be powered particularly phosphorus in the early stages of growth needs and survival too Phosphorus influences mean that's our audience and say and why so early there will hotstsa highlight, and so on so forth is video more I wanted to dedicate to the people you wrote us some of thousand and more seeds of decorative 5
  • 05:33: so that it was their job to some earning some income now! difficult times we are going through, I think that I must help them so that they all it happened in the future, I say yes to this form are not here to oppose approximately under the lamp which I will showed close to the bulb and made light
  • 06:01: over time, so when they grow up high and then you need not require larger pot once transplanted is not as difficult and two light bulbs to put this work it is necessary to grow this dog several stages here now for some the number of people all this let's say 100 or 200 plants Plant then in a few days more and one more thing, these plants will finish already
  • 06:32: painted fruits at their correct growing up in the month of June and the cost when it is ready with fruits plants grown is certainly much higher than the cost of a small or even better be planting produce even a little earlier so now at least a few copies of each variety of these plants
  • 07:00: We were here on such earlier flowering time would be in the month of April when the mind and the only Realization of various kinds seedlings and holy and tomato and scars Persian, etc. including that they already by the time these plants had colored fruit additives they can be here in such glasses only slightly Ashot I was just no longer grant these hotels plants not every potential
  • 07:32: the buyer will be able to buy pretty expensive plants are already ready to crush and so everybody has to save his own hands and to grow so that they then winter wintered, and for many years lived in this friends I have a short video to finish we meet all the best of the world and healthy goodbye [music]