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DIY Icelandic way of closing of loops with spokes

DIY Icelandic way of closing of loops with spokes  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello to you both needlewoman today I want to share with way as you behold so it is possible interesting rubles checks close the loop especially seeing well this pattern looks at Garter here he looks to front side and here so with the underside of the there is such a way You can close loops for example here neck like here here I [music] loop closure we produce
  • 00:30: the following way Working thread behind our work we introduce spoke in the first loop so here it a little and pushing the then picks up note the second loop and here and and pull worker thread dragging in the and a second loop return back to again enter the needle in
  • 01:00: grab loop following it so I I pull and provyazyvaem front loops and return I grasp the second and provyazyvaem
  • 01:30: [music] so here obtained a close your chain our loops I closed loops look like this corpse checks all It looks like we front side and here
  • 02:00: it's Wrong also These closed loop yet on the front surface of here here is more visible here This scar here a thickened area front side Wrong side this I have all If you become useful video data take lessons Huskies do not put Remember subscribe to my channel until all until