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Smile of the Black cake

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  • 00:00: hello today I will help you cook very delicious chocolate cake with an interesting called smile Negro [music] to test us It needs 5 egg yolks 200 grams of sugar 100 250 grams of butter 3 milliliters of milk tablespoons cocoa 1 tea spoon baking powder half or two cups flour for bizim we need 200
  • 00:30: grams of sugar 4 protein a little lemon acid and vanillin and Glaze 250 milliliters of cream and 1 chocolate bar First mix all dry ingredients in one bowl [music] whisk the egg yolks with sugar about 10 minutes
  • 01:03: add soft butter then milk and all stir well sift flour mixture
  • 01:30: [music] add the vanilla here this homogeneous dough should have will bake in split form size 24 cm but was covered over baking paper and slush pour batter prepared form
  • 02:00: bake in advance preheated to 180 degree oven about 40 minutes readiness check wooden stick if the net and stick We put on dry grill and give cool until cake cools prepare meringue bowl put on water bath was first put then sugar proteins whisk up stable peaks
  • 02:37: add half a spoons of lemon acid and vanillin and now prepare chocolate frosting a saucepan pour 250 ml cream we place one tile
  • 03:00: heat the chocolate until chocolate completely melts and the icing will not smooth and shiny as Now assemble the cake trim biscuit Put the visa and
  • 03:35: evenly pour chilled frosting to chocolate frozen it is desirable to put in Refrigerate for two hours very gentle and very delicious cake prepared [music]
  • 04:01: try prepare you necessarily like thanks you for your comments huskies wish you Bon Appetit