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SMILE of the BLACK cake)))

SMILE of the BLACK cake)))  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today you again in my kitchen and I am very, very pleased you I'm not the children today I want to inside cook for you cake from my child who It called smile Negro do not know where is the name of this very very tasty cake if you so interesting today show you that this cake we we will need need 6 eggs 3
  • 00:30: cup sugar 2 cans four teaspoons of sour cream tablespoons flour and cocoa 2 two and a half half cup flour and for glaze us need bar of chocolate and cream to start
  • 01:00: whisk whites separate the yolks from proteins while reserve whisk protein from sugar I'm here to us You need a glass sugar and sugar
  • 01:30: gradually add This is our I get it all remove until that refrigerator for these 6 add 2 yolks
  • 02:02: whole eggs whisk the egg yolks I add here a half cup sugar
  • 02:45: each glass add 1 teaspoon baking soda the way instead of sour cream can be use yoghurt if anyone knows that so here we add
  • 03:12: two tablespoons cocoa first it all and stirred with a spoon
  • 03:30: then only mixer whisk here we add 2
  • 04:00: glass or two with half of it is already girls are looking at flour eye It should get here so fluid it it is normally all
  • 04:34: it is all carry over baking and of course We are put in the oven already preheated means first as you already first understand then bake the dough the finished dough spread into protein
  • 05:00: here again put oven for a few minutes before the girls here with the result that we It will place calls we have now I will glaze
  • 05:35: you can sleep and do not need because my husband someone as Vovchenko of worsened because
  • 06:01: This white layer when position recalls foolish and if you buy liked sign up put the huskies prepare themselves hope lips look nice this video all while till