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  • 00:00: hey everyone Lauren from wild flowers here and today I'm going to show you how to make this amazingly beautiful 3d lace and flowers using wild flowers pop-up gel and silk powders today I'm going to be working on a finish nail this nail has been polished and top coated with gel topcoat I'm going to start with a pop-up gel and you'll notice it comes in a 10 milliliter container so you're getting a lot of gel it's white in color and it has a fairly thick viscosity so it's not going to run anywhere it's perfect for mixing with these beautiful colors of silk powder from wild flowers
  • 00:32: what makes this different is the pigments that it's blended with it's blended beautifully to go on super silky smooth so I'm going to show you now how to mix it on what I'm going to do is use my silicone tool I'm going to get out about a pea-sized amount of the pop-up gel and I'm just going to take it and I'm going to dip it right into the silk powder to begin with so we're going to be mixing this with the silk powder I chose this mango color and I'm going to
  • 01:00: go ahead and just press it into the powder first and that's going to coat it and then I'm going to put it on the palate and I'm just going to keep on adding powder and you're trying to get to a consistency that's similar to icing like the real sugary kind of icing that's really yummy and so we're just going to keep on mixing a little more powder into it until we start to get some really nice peaks that form you don't want it to get smooth and to kind of slip back down into a blob you definitely want to see Peaks forming
  • 01:31: when you mix this so you can mix this beforehand or you can just mix it as you go so I'm going to use some alcohol and I'm going to saturate a piece of cotton and I'm going to place that down on my working surface and I'm going to swipe my brush in it as I work so now we have the challenge of getting this off the pallet and onto the nail and I found that the silicone tool really truly is the best thing to do this if you try to do it with a brush you're just going to
  • 02:01: fight with it so you definitely want something maybe even a dotting tool if you don't have the silicone tools but I would definitely recommend getting the silicone tools for this it makes it way here so I'm going to just place down a little blob and then I'm going to take this is just a 3d acrylic brush this one is from wild flowers and I'm going to swipe it in alcohol and I'm just going to start to round out my bead of product here and I'm just gently pressing it if
  • 02:32: you start with a nice round bead you should get a really great petal and now you can see I'm going to turn my brush on its side and I'm just going to begin to press I'm keeping the point of my brush right in the center and I'm just pressing outwards towards the outer edges and sort of moving around from the left to the right pressing out this petal a little bit by little bit if the product starts to stick in my brush I just make sure I wipe my brush off on the pad that's
  • 03:01: saturated with alcohol and again I'm going to pick up another small amount I'm going to set it down on to the nail and then I'm going to use my brush press it into a nice round little bead before I start forming it into a petal I'm turning my brush on its side and just pressing it out and pressing it out and pressing it out for this design I'm going to make a flower that has three main petals and then I'm going to put two extra petals coming up to the side
  • 03:32: here's my third bead and again I'm going to form it into a nice little round shape before I start pressing it into a petal what I love most about this is that there's no odor and it's just really easy to work with if I form a petal and I like it I can go ahead and flash cure it to freeze it into place in case I'm scared of bumping it or doing something like that and if I screw it up I can wipe it off if I haven't cured it yet so again I'm going to get a small
  • 04:03: bead this time and set it down right in that little corner between the two petals I'm going to use my brush to form it into a nice small little round bead before I start pressing it into my petal shape I'm going to turn my brush on its side and I'm just going to start to gently press I'm keeping the very tip of my brush down on the nail when I press and I'm just using the rest of the brush to sort of press that outward you'll
  • 04:33: notice the tip of my brush hits the same spot every time and the rest of my brush is what's changing the bigger fatter part of my brush is going to change directions but the little point is in the same spot every time I press so there's our petals and now this container has some that I've already mixed in it and I'm definitely going to recommend that if
  • 05:00: you want to mix some up and keep it stored somewhere that you keep it out of the sunlight away from the Sun away from your lamp somewhere dark it's better to store it in a in a pate container so I have some white here that I've mixed and I'm just going to spread this white sorry I'm out of the screen a little bit I'm just going to spread this white out onto the nail as flat as I can get it and it's actually pretty easy to move around and work with it's similar to working with acrylic except it's not curing on you and hardening on you so
  • 05:33: that's the best part like you can play with this and play with this and play with this and if you don't like it you can play with it some more you just wipe it off if you hate it I'm just cleaning it out right now so I'm just getting some alcohol in my brush if your brush starts to get dry you can always stop and get some gel in your brush some of the pop up gel and sort of condition your brush with it and then go back and wipe it with alcohol before you start working again and that will form your
  • 06:00: brush back together perfectly so I'm just pressing this as thin as I can get it and now I'm ready for my favorite part for this part I am going to use this is just a skewer stick that you would use for like shish kabobs and the reason why I use this instead of a silicon tool is because you need something hard that's like really really hard that's going to meet the surface of the nail to make it nice and clean when you press it so I'm taking the tip of the stick and I'm dipping it into the silk powder and then I'm coming back to
  • 06:32: the nail and just pressing it in and kind of carving my design into my product and I'm just using the tip I'm setting it down and then I'm moving it in like a little circular motion and I continue to dip in the silk powder in between every circle that I make because it helps for it to not stick into the product so when I continue to kind of dip that tip as much as you can so I start with larger
  • 07:02: circles in the center when I'm making lace and then I start forming smaller circles out towards the perimeter and I'm turning my nail whichever way or if it's the clients hand I'd be turning my clients hand whichever way I need to turn it to get it into position and sometimes your circles will get messed up and you can go back and sort of reform them it just takes a second but it's a really fun and really easy technique but doesn't take a whole lot of skill to do I know you're laughing at
  • 07:32: me when I say that everybody laughs when I say that but I'm serious you're just making little circles so there we have it now to create balance on my nail I'm actually going to add just a little more up in the top right corner so I'm going to grab just to scooch more of the product and I'm going to apply it up there in that corner so I use the my silicon tool to set the product down and
  • 08:01: now I'm using my kolinsky brush which is the 3d nail art brush from wild flowers and I'm just pressing this out into place pressing it nice and thin you want to keep this extremely thin you can see on its side look how thin it is it's super thin so I'm going to form it into place and then I'm going to grab my fabulous stick and I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to press out my circles
  • 08:30: some of you might have a tool that you like better than a shish kabob stick but I love anything disposable that I can just pitch when I'm done so I cared this in the lamp for 30 seconds in an LED or two minutes in a UV and then I go ahead and pop a Swarovski crystal right in the center here's the finished look enjoy have fun it's all available at flowers nails calm