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  • 00:00: a Hello you look like before mom cute channel we talk to you about orchids and Only today I have I wanted to show you his orchid that feels very good We talk about the reasons for the fact that it happened and legs and We will fly via here
  • 00:31: such fertilizers about him, too, little say couple words and so begin start with the fact that I showed you in one of the videos orchid which I broke her kids dropped here after that as it I fell out completely from his pot I and I tried to transplant back but when we already there is no place and and transplanted and more
  • 01:02: Pot area that is, she was sitting she I am sitting here in this transplanted to a pot I have it here in this I made a lot here Now I put her holes purely in the bark large pieces Here I became discover something somehow she sits on that is to the right place It is not as a bunch
  • 01:30: there is no movement here in Basically she and kidney was closed so she yes there is something like and I was beginning to like break the eggshell Now I'll show you closer Now she gemmule last which in principle, and hey broke off Here's how to go like I would sprout from it but
  • 02:02: I have it sitting on place to stop completely in its growth but because the pot I look transparent I ceased like the color of the roots at the root of all time gray after watering passes but literally a day or two and not sulfur today I decided it gut and see what a It's inside Yes there is and I I saw seen here
  • 02:31: so I ' good picture on I think I saw a large number of dried roots they literally by themselves It's fall off that is, the roots of it somehow hears you see and just There I even their hands easy to just separated here's what I I found her there is such a crack on the sheet it also says that
  • 03:00: Orchids that are not lack of moisture or it is too dry and then no matter how much saturate with moisture so the sheet sacrificing a lot of water sharply and he cracks Here I am, in principle, I am thinking that it can be I do think the reason why did it happen Well firstly I I think first reason is that it changed potty
  • 03:30: that is, the area was More so unlike other pots and more She stood at me without any tray Now just like that was that there is air freely penetrated He stood on the windowsill you know radiators me as a warm enough to apartment and humidity course is not enough, I can not provide for them enough humidity Now winter and how something like this that it happened
  • 04:01: It becomes dry Unfortunately we can not find out exactly to establish what actually happened One reason may be a surplus fertilizers well, that is, with roots hey it happened called burn after what they have dry well, you see provide that, in principle, Corresponding bit color at them some incomprehensible and all here at They do not understand I do not want of course Now once it sharply a zero and cut although I understand that we probably can
  • 04:31: come to this version of me now task first thing I do I change and a substrate that is, I I make a substrate dry like mine She turned to the there I will add more small pieces of bark maybe there's a fly me of course use I will not spare no there something I there is such a fact of waste First Aid you It showed what's there apart from the fact that the bark
  • 05:01: well as the present I would not have a lot of there in some peculiar such parts do not know from trees, so I think that would mean we can give a little bit and the importance of our plant, here I am I do for him likely to double pot that is it will rise above pot with a small
  • 05:31: water and or it will concrete block but try I see what to choose so now here we are she plans actions realizing that It called resuscitation is not I know how it can be call Orchids are very good look so luxurious sheets I Of course you do not want it very sorry to lose sorry for something she lost here then talk to the little about I fertilizer I found in stores do not know
  • 06:00: maybe you, too, enjoyed such It called this fertilizer biostimulant growth and orchid development it costs us loshani 39 rubles a good price I find him in part of this Fertilizers are here two tabletochki I that's because half I enjoyed so and the whole tabletochku I mean esteemed part of what it all
  • 06:30: yet it is fertilizer and can you say that this chitosan means here instruction from this product but as I also already read in Internet about him night writing it for So, too, a kind of vitamin likely which about as succinic acid something similar to them he, too, used in manufacturing food animal feed cosmetology pharmaceuticals and in a bunch a bunch of other light well
  • 07:00: It means here in written instructions that'll show you a natural growth regulator having immunostimulatory antistress activity improves survival rate at I transplant I should be given activates rooting also we need to orchids growth provides I continue to bloom increases stability diseases and pests under the instruction means here on this tabletochku and
  • 07:30: divorces divorces and a half liters of water I It is half tablets and will I raise it at exactly I poured half of the 700 milliliters of water water dimensional mug here look I just honestly buckle He turned now I have 700 milliliters of water Now I'm here Rapan add half tablet This chitosan I to
  • 08:02: this has I used it I sprinkled them too Now well, of course I do not I can say that there is some such sharp effect of this drug still necessary now understand that the winter and we plant too buy them blooming store must through a period rest as much as I in Who are you such rapid growth is not I discovered and significant changes well, I do not know just want to give their
  • 08:32: orchids such ki large dressing here it dissolves it bad enough water belt after such a top foam formed as well, accordingly, we We put here orchids q and so leave the hour two to three ways to pad feeds useful properties
  • 09:00: chitosan, and so it passed about two hours the I have two hours She kept her hands far from a solution chitosan Well, so and Now that fertilizer You already showed this biostimulant growth and development orchids look then after the roots were filled moisture possible about
  • 09:30: to see what and how them honest of course Wednesday, they seem to be The great thing is, they greenbacks here but each root almost every Koren'kov whether damaged somewhere here there is not clear whether rot well, in general I do not want to be honest you are now cut off It all roots because I know that's very thick leaves them here 5 pieces even more than 6
  • 10:01: thick leaves they immediately fall off he will lose correspondent well and how would it have then urgently save the roots have so they may not be perfect condition but I want to still try try make love to her it is the calculation of the personal Well, these new roots somehow there kept receive power through them, the principle of see how it will further themselves Here we conduct
  • 10:32: specific power We did not have too will abuse I'll put fertilizer as they are when and how before lying here under the roots base our orchids foam here to they do not rot and I will move our Russia little idea here is to plant pots I showed you give pots already repeated here it will simply
  • 11:00: transparent because I want to watch it the state does not need look at it here children over will be enough place it so I'll put Now I add the coffin to the bottom, I as always I put a pin plastic shaped and drainage and pad from cold put here grog
  • 11:30: put it this way begin to fall asleep ground the ground this time I chosen this smaller to the roots not dry see how it yourself in it will feel pour in replace half people are basically I shuffled different
  • 12:01: see bigger and holy fertilize our orchids which q It became very dry strongly rooted We will be watching it further we used to here is a fertilizer means that now quite often found in stores well, that is, it is one hundred percent chitosan see how Orchid will themselves feel after
  • 12:31: This feeding and I respectively changed and the substrate into smaller because until then It was a big bark and orchid obeyed just 2 days after watering here We will follow her watch it here our beauty way it looks thanks great for watching me and until we meet again till