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  • 00:01: Hello this project and other kitchen do I come Valeria new year and mandarin madness Mandarins are everywhere salad desserts that wherever Only I can only Now none of the soup Mandarin and we eat them many many many yes all new this year so the smell of mandarin Here will be a lot Mandarin and will lots of remain centers of them that it does not It can be wasted but prepare candied if you have a tangerine much you can cook and even jam today
  • 00:30: tell us need two 2 kilogram mandarin 300 kilograms of sugar milliliters of water one small repairs first set cook syrup miscible with water and We put on a slow fire and wait until sugar dissolves add the juice of one lemon and mix reserve boiled Syrup five minutes
  • 01:00: can be as long as seven preparing a syrup clean mandarins I try as much as possible remove the white part and divide into segments mandarin chickens for maximum remove the white part neatly tangerine skins omit in boiling water and boil 5 minutes so we get rid of the bitterness but not quite Well, get rid large hot take part boiled peel
  • 01:31: cut into strips If you do not like the bitterness citrus, you can This facility does not place boiling syrup to send zest and slices of mandarin oh oh I have a lot of carefully carefully stir part and subtracting the fire
  • 02:01: boil two minute three fire and turn off leave overnight You can even bring to next evening How much do you have time, let them and are soaked [applause] constantly jam night it is already interesting obtained Mandarin were filled and settled now I'm a little bit
  • 02:30: jam boils boil for five minutes, and the same operation I however I repeat once tomorrow's jam ready look any clear steel slices slices just incredible worth fragrance Friend my if you cook candied the same time them like that to pull out syrup so they drink and which was also dry them or in the dryer and all can spread out on paper they are great then dry them pour sugar powder and they will
  • 03:00: beautifully kept I can tell you that if you cook I had already jam Honestly there is already disappeared while vinyl willing to try almost all here these are candied give just such refined bitterness it is something if you That would be like but incredibly today I'm telling you she will forgive me choking on saliva and shifts all vatochku clean sterile jar click on the style name it is clean and simple
  • 03:31: it is important to dry and all our empty flavor is lower I I would say the New Year jam is ready only here this here adds more astringency than themselves is candied that's when the bones catches but did not know that no seems something very delicious all friends I recommend this jam it is incredibly fragrant delicious and I just know
  • 04:00: perfect will combined with cheese yes all created any of the crease between the our pancakes and pancakes the way here look at me Siropchik panel more happiness I I will spread so to more berry fits smaller syrup but this Siropchik his divorce a little bit and he will amazing suitable for impregnation biscuit or addition of cream or pastries at will flavored here this citrus aroma
  • 04:30: simply fantastic but I say goodbye I am going to try jam 45 times for the last 30 minutes subscribe to our canal front lot interesting yet