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  • 00:05: Good day Dear friends August and subscribers our channel today we will salting cabbage and hot way that is cabbage on next day will it will be ready cabbage called it is a provencal that is, it will be with garlic and red
  • 00:31: sweet pepper Bulgarian morkovochka and that's all will be poured as the hot syrup Only the syrup has cooled Well, that is for tomorrow it is already possible to eat cabbage cabbage unmatched good time to all my voice overs I will say more after As I do not know where she took the recipe but after as it began to do cabbage is so I tell recipe
  • 01:01: honestly it better cabbage in my life never silt and thumb and the other does not doing so only this it's simple divine cabbage and a snack bar and even may put some this recipe with me I shared my godmother Tanya and you greetings and thank you very much for the three yes Tanya large He thanks you already prepared
  • 01:30: We orphan. here now in this bowls here is so special as much as we Now eat this bowl a cabbage Well, to understand it people to understand as it is tasty the desire to try to
  • 02:09: Since then, only cabbage nashinkuem and further including We show that we do next I sliced cabbage here purely cabbage nothing there before I continue to work I'll show you
  • 02:30: I did it for the boil 1 liter of water, and here I We need to add 1 cup of sugar is not so surprised that because a lot of sugar here it goes vinegar so 2 tablespoons salts customary coarsely is the most common grinding the most common coarse salt here
  • 03:03: go 1 cup vegetable oil believe very much It is delicious no conditions I can not stop already strangled cabbage vermeer and here on time and on I drink a little spoon more half cup vinegar is we
  • 03:30: ordinary 200 grams of glass vinegar goes well now it all boiling water boils yes yes shut down immediately add vinegar here at We will have a for once and continue on cabbage let up at all then to boil let
  • 04:00: Rasul tag boils and we continue to further the cabbage we add two I rubbed carrots average 2 medium well who he loves loves who more carrots likes smaller added two carrots I have been since now winter and Red pepper I quite expensive autumn frozen red pepper and add from the freezer
  • 04:30: thawed red pepper and add garlic mako much garlic are small probably 4 zubochka necessarily sure fire Well it's not serious therefore it is our berry Eat no It feels wrong here garlic and all the rest is easy bastard from this Milchik the recipe
  • 05:00: there could not be a young lavishly generous Manager pour twin checks and it's all good salt mix well and do not add just nothing mix all all components of our hermitage better and cabbage Good to whole cabbage was from
  • 05:31: pepper and morkovochkoy and garlic all good OK Stir to avoid there were pieces grated carrots and to one place it was congestion garlic and peppers all All carefully stir I am sorry when it will be ready here
  • 06:00: present day an acoustic the juice it will this divine supreme to split pass, we teach I repeat once again you just try and believe me it is It will be the main recipe for your family preparation cabbage with any other it compares very very tasty estates It will crisp up the latter meaning deceive the no reason because the leg make and try themselves believe it healthy again
  • 06:33: immediately sample vodichka boil for not Vodicka oblique sprout to sprout here we make and add to it vinegar so it looks like chicken broth such Zhirkov all here cap and wings He waits in the wings to hour has come then when we then
  • 07:00: we will do that which we get Well, at least where it is solitsya Milavitsa infuse old Modal there is a choice point here it is exactly three kilogram exactly one tamp yes yes it is I'll be her fate here ram So I'll help. he We put a little cam
  • 07:30: a needle rammed to me as a road memory kingdom you and therefore on stamped distant Soviet there are times when nothing can not buy was stamped on video less than half third morning there were we pour brine
  • 08:03: all that we pour it a bucket of water highway and a half there is one and a half liters of 1 1 liter of water glass Sahara two tablespoons salt you have a little more so 1 cup oil More important for you a little harder half a cup
  • 08:33: all rammed Zizka's good that we Now this recipe when to shoot New Year More of the month the same people try more than once and in their New Year and the most the main thing is not in the new here it is when the output again about Let there be gorgeous cabbage not afraid of words more great cabbage nosochek which will help you recover and feel man
  • 09:02: is it right cabbage indispensable on your table some thought that it fit but she climbed still coughing it is the years I have standard pan King a fragrance I went to hear here is divine smells
  • 09:30: at the side sharpens I still for the first time when I tried I asked a question and then there is no running around here even at two wins I have no taste It is believed that when the such a simple scenario can be make a bite at those as has my scent so You can already hear leave behind a wheelbarrow to homepage archika do not spare place more tastier here
  • 10:02: and pour the remaining race in the same capacity trying to fly to all ah wai's this sprout and just enough case as good to already beautiful already scattered to the very look so tasty you have a hot brine such a kick I neatly
  • 10:31: You know some I put on a course a plate cabbage top should be put quart jar with water to a possible liter jar water So you see already have juice Bites see these the woods plus hot cabbage also let him and immediately so of course
  • 11:02: oppression try small so as not to overload cabbage and remove any where we remove it We leave the room how tomorrow tomorrow to remove balcony because now Pola Negri sour start immediately you eat right heap and then eat it In general, what we are preparing it
  • 11:30: I try it all It shows the way Here is such a friend turned cabbage is such it is all juicy it all crispy and now - will try and well, ka I'm certainly not the first just eat it all here I try already drooling a company of the full flow Come see here but closer to the form as a it is about now
  • 12:01: closer to closer to closer I heard that they and Christ is to until the last drop just do not judge my Ossetians and very Well, at least quickly the case of three kilograms we leave elementary cabbage I do not know such that even in nothing big world
  • 12:30: tastier while gun what's this recipe can be seen watching how many times he's in short nothing tastier what's this recipe cabbage I've ever try to eat necessarily try to believe to me it would be basic recipe we do not regret thank you very much for videos subscribe on terry channel and try our cabbage
  • 13:00: and to the next meeting on our kitchen to new meetings