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Abrupt HOMEMADE PRODUCT from the USUAL brake shoe, Make also to yourself this necessary adaptation

Abrupt HOMEMADE PRODUCT from the USUAL brake shoe, Make also to yourself this necessary adaptation  See details »

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  • 00:00: Friends today I I will show you a very interesting and useful homemade and the old man rear pad I think many useful motorists Well Well traveled we need a rear drum it is desirable to block greater for example by vehicle gas cut off from it Area to half pads It can straighten finally we got here a ski but it is still not take all thick-walled pipe Measure out the correct I cut the size and
  • 00:30: later show What should be on the wall It is referred to as should welds it to our center pads then take a piece of you bent metal necessarily thick-walled can use half old starter or just big thick-walled area the cut edge of the tube so that our tip adjoined more dense and all digestible as shown in video
  • 01:00: and the final touch strengthen direct a thick pad area Incidentally friends soon New Year and if someone has not had time to buy gifts to your loved ones I advise you take advantage of directory there are very large variety of convenient interface can be read reviews and things to see image and most importantly you can compare
  • 01:30: prices among the different stores very convenient service I advise everyone to link will be in the description below video Well our the device is ready We do the first test [music] a [music]
  • 02:04: as you see it Get easy ram which a hundred times easier car lifting you can even lift just two wheels but for this course better block use a little greater example of some truck and here in the snow so would jack shown itself not very good or rather has started slide on this had his modify for this we chose the cover and when you eat segment
  • 02:31: studs make it work like spike well, at the very surface made several skid resistant points in the end it even underlay is not necessary It became a personal goal front of the car and go [music] [music]
  • 03:04: devices started work on the snow but as it tired of the weight car wheel does not posted before the end of therefore better take advantage of plaque eventually even snow could easy to pick up wheel and what to do about five centimeters longer than the height of a place that You will rise well and final touch is painting course how it should be we clean fro
  • 03:30: Apply the paint in eventually we got Super convenient jack who can you not You will carry in car but in the garage it you exactly come in handy [music] they loved video necessarily place thumbs up subscribe to Channel who have not yet signed and write to
  • 04:00: comments as you such an option Thank you for shooting attention until