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Cultivation of onions on a turnip from a sevka  See details »

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  • 00:13: Garlic has gone well so it is possible to plant onions last year with This was a bed collected 100 kilograms potatoes It was laid on a lot of grass Now spring is now
  • 00:31: this will be a bed made to grow onions such grooves for it directly through mulch torment winter is as such so groove can not be made which tool have to do manually
  • 01:00: That's about as probably the most unpleasant and long the time which is when growing onions
  • 01:36: Today June 10's bow During this time I have nothing with him one devil just poured and all and so it rained These are the stems so
  • 02:04: level Now I shall water and lay sawdust that's the whole care July 16 onions cleaning
  • 02:32: just such a lot of arrows forged
  • 03:17: and
  • 03:40: and seem or sawdust watered bitch Europe Well onions ram as a I spoke bed 55 square meters of exactly 5's outlook
  • 04:16: when you consider that of Care had two watering sawdust and laying it not bad
  • 04:30: harvest the hardest part growing onions is it put after harvesting of onion, we a bed fall asleep grass on the whole, this wheelbarrow
  • 05:01: part of the Jurassic backfilled Only leveled here here the grass should give more neighbors nothing more do Well, we have laid the whole bed of grass Now all the leveled is such diodes winters such a small fluffy
  • 05:30: grass and here a few hours she I have managed to top dry out that we plant here the next year I do not I know well that we are not planted the harvest will be very good more more on this can be found at Online article It called active mulch dry the onions in the greenhouse
  • 06:00: How many kilograms here will control weighing and sure you I tell but this is at website