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  • 00:01: Hello this Another kitchen project you I alexander Today your friends attention pies a hotbed of sounds original sounds and taste should be supernatural who loves to cook and who love cakes and put the Huskies subscribe to our channel as we continue to to test us We need 375 grams sifted flour and well you look at your meal plus or minus 50 grams from all of it is different butter here
  • 00:31: 60 gram of dry yeast 7 gram pinch salt 1 teaspoon sugar egg and 150 ml of warm milk in milk send a spoonful or two meal here as the yeast all the sugar all is well mix this will be our fast steam well mix for 5 minutes dismantle
  • 01:00: 7 Now a warm place friends prisalivaem a pinch of salt flour gently stir Here we have this dough watch came do deepen and we send all we send shovel here here the egg and We begin kneading right in manual mode flour
  • 01:32: collected and now can add butter in it I also room temperature so it will be easy notice here is friends dough happened myagenkaya and due butter here is a very well straight pleasant to I cover the touch film and leave to increase in volume twice in this somewhere 30-40 minutes until the dough is suitable
  • 02:00: Let us for stuffing she I take the floor chicken previously He opened and chilled in soup very flavorful you will also broth literally a few spoonfuls dining couple of bulbs from conventional oil and pickles onion we shall cut finely cubes and fry to butter mixture and vegetable oil straight a little bit We added a good drive
  • 02:36: Friends cucumbers in This recipe is solenenkie I here them cleared from the rigid skins and also here this cube is now on holding grandson Gilding is here ship solenenkie cucumbers and so here lightly-lightly to dip and now
  • 03:02: friends neatly as well Dice We tried at As we cut chicken I'll start in the breast and I look can be all her make out tidy will show well natural pits and now the chicken here same and send it Now it is ready, we it boiled us this necessary in order that it engorged
  • 03:31: scents well warmed mix well and here a little a pinch of black pepper literally a couple tablespoons brine that we do not add salt our stuffing and also for two or three juicy soup spoon all mix turn off and allowed to cool
  • 04:00: to start filling our dough perfectly approached all great Now the filling has cooled divide portions pirozhochki and will cook divided by 70 here are 9 grams zagotovochku me Get it now Coke drums are forming I nachinochku I tried to cool just wonderful all the dough at all
  • 04:31: magical recommend try to baked patties it is for the oven fit as ever all smartly all and roll out stuffed with unrolled Now take nachinochku filling Straight Very juicy got very tasty 2 tablespoons spoon to start and it was enough form a patty usually zaschipyvaem
  • 05:05: time-time-time-time and all neatly return formed again We ran over by controlled Hop hop here such pie we turned I prepared baking with parchment and missed its oil all that's here we send the rest form the last
  • 05:31: bar here and so whipped egg and brush we coat and long yet we have included the oven so that it I warmed to 200 times degrees our cakes More stand up one can even nothing cover because That's how we have them abundantly promazhem all bake until availability filling in we have prepared and we It is to prepare Once the dough flushed in our pirozhochki but
  • 06:01: Friends first six pieces I got from duhovochke they have cooled slightly so now I have them I will try and show that was inside magnificent gentle dough and nachinochka uhuhu pie just turned fabulous stuffing juicy here she so chicken onions and cucumbers give that's incredible taste very tasty dough great pie
  • 06:31: fabulous awesome happened I recommend uniquely friends if you are waiting for the guests cook double serving all twice increase to enough for everyone fly cakes with a bang beautiful cakes for you to all other dishes good so far