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  • 00:08: Hello dear friends with you, Nikita Zakharov and today we talk about your training very important to keep discipline try not to miss training regardless of what happens you have to I understand life secret just might be very difficult course Also, if you do not have any specific contraindications health can be you are unwell you This temperature case to go on
  • 00:30: training is not the most good idea because that you can win additional health problems but in general if you okay you must if you come limitations of some time run around push-ups on pull up though It would be something for doing This will you develop discipline and with eventually become a habit when you come to anyone simulator often it seems to you that it is very easy but each exercise It has its own specific work and elementary body position
  • 01:01: any exercise can shift the burden on completely different muscles and as a result those results that you will receive no will fit desired what should be on it is in the initial First course try work equipment exercise in the second try to do exercises maximum amplitude at initially it very important not chase weights this is the most frequent the most basic error and many of Watch this video and say, yes I especially the and do not chase but come
  • 01:30: in the room and try raise a little more weight because they would seem that other people will think of them bad if they are not older there post 50 or 60 kilograms instead of 40 let's say it is a very and how important it is rule determines your progress determines your success and further development when you start train Try not to do complicated coordination exercise such as eg Stanovoi eventually pull When your muscle corset strengthen Of course you can start doing it
  • 02:00: It may be via two months back also try supply equipment All of these exercises literacy trainer necessarily training should not be too long it is not necessary to warm up on track for 20-30 minutes you will spend the whole glycogen that you It needs to training necessarily try train not heavily compressed distracted by other clients are not talk on telephone rest of as the state of health Only you recovering breath you can
  • 02:30: basically start following approach when you exercise your body adapts to training and so way is muscle growth course during Provided that you have everything balanced by nutrition and but recovery It is such that missed training or ill went to trip does not matter do not be afraid to return to the hall muscle memory It allows you to quickly return to the same form back power indicators most the main thing is not worth to start working the same workers Take the balance weights a little bit smaller try
  • 03:00: to work in a larger spectrum repeats then, in principle, can quickly recover very an important factor is an recovery is not Remember you grow when you relax so try sleep at least 8 hours day if you do not it turns out you can to gather day the son of a very important element also is an psycho-emotional state if you experiencing some you stress problems at work or you defend Diploma course you very much worry and experiencing it
  • 03:30: will certainly affect as your training but despair go ahead to train a decrease the volume load may be workout time come and Practice 30-40 minutes and you get a charge energy you feel principle is very comfortable because you did not give you We missed this training you as a real fighter I go on training and in the snow and in a storm and a hurricane is not important when you come here here you charge energy here you
  • 04:00: are charged by positive here you purchase confidence and so you can always achieve good results you You can develop these qualities to help you all in the areas of your life next time we tell you by training for all body that It allows progress very fast and very qualitatively subscribe to our Channel place husky I'll see you on the life and Naji