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  • 00:03: [music] one man He traveled and suddenly came upon execution tree desires as soon as I sat under this tree any desire will immediately be performed no any delay temporary the gap between desire and realization the desired this man was
  • 00:31: tired and he went sleep under such execution tree desires When he awoke the I feel strong famine and I thought I would have felt I wanted to get some food from somewhere and immediately from appears nowhere food directly sailed the air is very delicious and it was so hungry that he did not think where it came from when you're hungry
  • 01:01: you're not wondering, he immediately began to eat and the food was so tasty then when his hunger, he went I looked around now he felt the satisfaction he there was another think if anything and drink immediately there was a great wine lying in the shade of a tree and easy drinking wine
  • 01:31: blown cool breeze He began to wonder it is happening that I may be going meals and there is several pyridinium who play jokes with me and were bringing They were terrible severe it is an abomination such what he himself they imagined he I trembled and thought Now I have exactly
  • 02:00: They kill and they killed him we ourselves manage their lives attract it it is sometimes necessary we do not need events then what we think Sooner or later necessarily sometimes it turns It is going through so big time interval we have time forget our wish just thoughts create joy and
  • 02:30: sadness and bad a good if you become aware of it in it is possible to fully manage events own life attracting only those needed and may be useful