How to transfer windows to the winter mode?  See details »

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  • 00:00: our friends subscribers and all those who are well on windows there are other problems and now I want a little bit talk about how translate winter windows from summer mode in the winter for this initially open window find here such mates
  • 00:30: with support is currently Turkish furniture Fornax well in most of all this regulirovochka under hexahedron insert in principle but how cool twist Now I'm a little I tell here there is always a . by on Sech NER you are viewed You see you take
  • 01:07: You insert the key and turn dots to seal turn and went this moment here it comes the whole right-hand side it seems to mean shelter and well on the inside eccentric
  • 01:32: Now painted I show so well He studied at the edge of the right here is your window and here this krutilochka Russian center You see he shifted that is, the center is not patient when we twist it around its axis rotates and this one
  • 02:03: gap decreases if it increases reduced means your partner is better if we make he at least it will be land is This window we have We adjusted the on window, there may be
  • 02:30: two three four not more of his cats, May 6 It may be a box serrated look where herbs time little is it also from here but it even here otvetka that is, we then We look at the window on the cat, and you see otvetka Zizou there is part of me
  • 03:02: simple and tightens from the beginning. just look after we all made pen immediately is closed which is denser because that seal better
  • 03:30: pressed as a we check pulled or not refer to pen this position Then we put here hand and arm hold and pen close but there should fold to cuddle up to and then they have to press in and then it should then more weight ie around the perimeter should all uzhatsya
  • 04:04: look but such loop rented protection cosmetics so if you have Here you will also and turn your window goes back and forth to get here ie but turn caps there was tightened and close it happens using
  • 04:32: not only this key on accessories Jake German used only There is also an asterisk accessories maco there key is used 10 have 5 key your case can a key 10 and also on accessories winkhaus there kulechek on
  • 05:01: Russian or 10 we simply special key This may simply let down keys 8 or 10 all the same only not Hex Thank you to all the key sign up I ask I will be glad reply