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Pumpkin muffins \/ cakes from Jamie - Simple recipes of Овкусе.ру  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today for you here so that's remarkable pumpkin muffin them cupcakes call it want here is the recipe elementary best ingredients plus simple recipes is that you need me beforehand ready boil or prepared chopped round roast Using raw pumpkin which sells here necessary juiciness
  • 00:30: and here's a look if you are interested in this recipe I take a look how can I have them I prepared so let's see that we need for cooking pumpkin muffins cupcakes as anyone and convenient products the most that neither is Forgive us It takes 20
  • 01:00: 200 grams of sugar if someone does not have the scale 200 gram and you specifically He took measures to peaceful beaker 250 milliliters of this a little here not to end is full It will be 200 grams of sugar 200 grams of pumpkin baking powder and cinnamon 85 milliliters flour olive oil we need 150
  • 01:30: gramme it's dimensional I have a glass of 350 milliliters Well then exactly 300 milliliters flour it will be 150 gram and my meal I do not know how well your Now I have so of course better measured on the scale let's start take two of his father in volumes bowl
  • 02:05: add sugar and which is located eggs here before they are shot down whitening to sugar a bit faded Now add here salt schepotochku
  • 02:33: salts schepotochku volem olive oil pumpkin can be broken blender, but you can Grate not why something more like grated on grater Now I say why because as the more gently it turns out I do not know It may be one
  • 03:01: a blender I Blender how tones from it seems not Smashing Pumpkins and carrots and and it is as it were some grains which then felt when here Here on this small grater rubbed it more tender and juicy a muffin itself so I get
  • 03:31: better to rub on a terochke It did not take time all full recipe he did not offer you just scatter just everything food processor starting with pumpkin and adding one ingredients pumpkin eggs and everything else and just to drive it
  • 04:00: kitchen process or large blender that is even easier than I'll do anything I'm now so I plumped eggs that sex was Fixiki muffins were bit fancier at lower bit fancier pumpkin we coped Now let add 100
  • 04:34: pile and distribute I added salt come add the flour here 150 gram flour with flour teaspoon baking powder from here such a good spoon
  • 05:01: with gorochkoy with slide as and we still have the dough need cinnamon it seems to floor teaspoon half a spoon add cinnamon and We sift the flour to saturate it I oxygen cinnamon
  • 05:33: It can be added on request to add vanilla vanilla extract current and kill
  • 06:00: already dough look what beautiful orange fragrant of cinnamon I'll use Here is such a mold muffin and here are the paper inserts it
  • 06:31: call them molds on why we continuously for some reason, this form even though she Teflon constantly all and if I killed peke this paper inserts all the time burnt smeared oil and all or I is something wrong I do not know, or shape such and decompose
  • 07:02: shaped impose somewhere to halves I have something to take advantage of perhaps even a pack Now such silicone molds and because I'm not your
  • 07:38: not a drop can not do it carefully nothing wrong I put so then Now we have them ready
  • 08:03: to cool a little and then optional can be impregnated sour cream with sugar This powder can be leave and so hot and I still can not get It is not pyshnenkie Get it now Astana little
  • 08:31: necessarily show something inside Well cupcakes and AST and can now be a little bit to do Jewelers let I have to start I show you what's inside it turned out that it can not form gently pull it here he is break see what they bright vibrant orange so but
  • 09:00: pumpkin pulp taste not at all felt this spicy cinnamon flavor simply so that even if someone does not like Try the pumpkin and I I think that you do not sorry because Well here is a simple cool flavor spices well meters from the axis not to a very tasty and
  • 09:30: true structure course and gentle strongly decorate them not I remember once, I think that these cupcakes Pumpkin either carrots are best suitable cream itself usually I'll take two table spoons sour cream and take two tablespoons powdered sugar can
  • 10:09: here to add a couple drops of vanilla extract I will not add By the way why if you show here such here some bags small open you cross the content anywhere take just such a ordinary gum for money that's just
  • 10:33: It holds great But back to the bag our decoration take lemon and a little zest do for another more interesting the flavor is all stir
  • 11:18: we can simply take bag which is you can wait cream injector I take a bag simply could
  • 11:31: Of course to do this spoon just on each cupcake but somehow not accurate it will still be Incidentally Jamie Oliver did so in my recipe Now it
  • 12:02: every night morphine a little bit I will not decorate their because all the decorating that still when they stand up then keep right refrigerated paint some stuff
  • 12:30: that we have Today here such here remarkable muffins pumpkin Prepare delicious I suggest you Now repeat 8 Pumpkin season and taste
  • 13:01: just great