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  • 00:05: Good time of day, with you Zapetelinka. I'll show another interesting figure today, which is done on the basis of Weaving techniques. I have already said in one of the old videos that if done on Inalse Weaving with large broaches the ugly turn broaching, sag. And this picture - a way
  • 00:33: slack broaches and make the original drawing. That is, this is Weaving. Here is such it interesting. Here's his front side. Later, we see her again. And now ... let us, I'll show how to do this thing. If it is too Weaving means
  • 01:02: carriage return in Weaving knitting mode. Here I will try to lift the camera. That's put the lever in position Weaving W and these schetochki omitted. All. I return everything as it was, and I will knit As I showed in the last video,
  • 01:31: here includes the buttons 1 and 5, that is, every fourth button works. The main color here is green. The white thread is used here as decoration. I must say, there are a lot of manual work. That is, if you assiduously, if you like to do something small,
  • 02:02: then be ready for such a pattern. So! Go? A retractable needle. Last needles are not knit. But this extreme, I put forward. then to knit two threads simultaneously. I do four series.
  • 02:33: The first row is made. We translate the strings here. four identical number will be knit, after which we will take into the hands of the needle pusher.
  • 03:00: This is where a small mistake turned out. In general, for this drawing here it would be nice if Top tension white thread was free. Too much is not necessary to pull it Then it will be easier then to work. Even a couple of rows.
  • 03:47: And the fourth row. And I pick up a magical tool.
  • 04:02: Now, our new challenge. See. Four broaches we have. Top think. The first, second, third and fourth. Now we are going to raise the needle pushing loop. I am looking for some needle. Provyazyvayu. I am looking for some under the second broach top.
  • 04:32: and under the first broach the top. What happened, I hang on the needle. Actually it would be good to push the needle slightly. And I take my next column broaches. I have to say this time. Contract work with each column broaches do not advise, because it broaches the tension turns out great.
  • 05:02: And that the painting was a more or less uniform, best somehow alternate columns broaches. In one example, do. Who will do better. Let's look closer. Now I continue.
  • 05:30: That is a level of knitting we get. Now, I think you understand why The upper thread tension should be free.
  • 06:01: pull do not need too much. There is an interesting point. You can provyazyvat instead of four rows of six. I tried to do so, but for some reason I do not understand. What if I the thread tension was great, or something else ... But is such a nasty piece turns, that all of the threads in the sixth row is too tight,
  • 06:30: and main loops, i.e. Now the green tabs reason with needles I flew. Maybe was somewhere my fault, somewhere overlooked I'm somewhere something. Maybe the machine resets itself too tight loop. I do not understand. In principle, there should have been just a little sit down, to understand, and the error would be found.
  • 07:03: Now move the needle selector two notches. So now we will extend every fourth needle offset by two. Extreme needle put forward.
  • 07:32: I'll do the same again four series. First I go! And now, three. Selector needles without bias. Second went.
  • 08:04: By the way, you know, that's where the "first went, the second went"? It is so old "bearded" anecdote, I could still hear it in school. Now I tell. While I was cut off for technical reasons, a camera, until I have copied the files from the camera to the computer, I knit four rows. slightly pushed the needle
  • 08:32: and I will just deal with interlacing. And I get back to the promised anecdote. Anecdote about the paratroopers. The instructor teaches the novice skydivers, how to jump. Held a briefing, a door opens in the plane at an altitude of Suitable for young students queue-jumpers,
  • 09:03: and their instructor says:- The first ready? - Ready! - Go!Ejected from the aircraft. - The second is ready? - Ready! - Go! Through the open door of each pack off. - The third is ready? - Ready! - Go! - The fourth is ready? - Not ready! - Go! Went-go-go! ...READY! That's why I thought that this anecdote. I understand, of course, black humor!
  • 09:35: Gently we are dovyazhem and the result will look. Although there is no! The results, I am not going to watch, white thread I have to stay here a little longer. I dovyazhu it to the end, To get a full normal pattern, and then I will have to deploy
  • 10:01: and evaluate how interesting, how beautiful I get every aspect of this manual Weaving. Although there is. Weaving is a semi-automatic, but this treatment is, as you can see, hand. You can already see how it is bustling. Turn home some melodrama or any concert. What do you like? A matter of taste.
  • 10:32: And they began to knit. I end. It's time. Last time. Now I am translating the carriage in normal knitting.
  • 11:00: Colored threads I clean. let go of these brushes. The lever on the carriage put in position N. And normal knitting fabric. Now let's see what we've got.
  • 11:34: Wrong side. Such triangles. And the front side. All green.