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  • 00:06: It communicates with the universe us different ways one of which trouble signal do not fall down on head for no this before anything should serious happen ring alarm bells if you do not go to their selected by another to the embodiment, and perform their
  • 00:30: destination does not take lessons essential for spiritual development the universe is trying to you tell a via signal [music] a first weak signal minor in your life there is little trouble the first signal is typically skip then a higher power second falling signal He is more powerful 1 you find yourself in a
  • 01:01: difficult situation signal, you will notice listen to the signs of the universe the third most powerful intensity he comes in If you do not We pay attention to the the first two is a large trouble or misfortune Silin he is trying until you reach rule you in the right
  • 01:31: direction if you hit the difficult situation events and rewind try remember whatever the second signal next time prevent offensive serious problems the ability to see the first signal comes from experience lacie outwardly looks but if they are different 1 such as women
  • 02:00: Married are not sure himself love and approval from the outside the first signal s husband you no one says no so you need to hold on me unpleasant woman hear these words but she swallows it is because they common child I should bear deep down I even flattering it something you need it the second signal
  • 02:32: jealousy publicly and the strangers informed and relationships and how do you say you can live with it woman experiences shame, humiliation but again nothing undertakes to change your life third signal situation It is exacerbated comes to blows selenium
  • 03:00: in the face of her husband's attempts to explain to the woman that such an attitude toward her inadmissible persons appears before choice of drastically that the change in the case break these relationships or let it be as it is many unfortunately They continue to live in such conditions of If your life is full signal means It's time which may reflect give you your
  • 03:30: inactivity it is time to stop this trouble stream [music]