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STOP AGEING, you WILL SMOOTH WRINKLES, and moisten skin with the ancient Chinese recipe of a mask  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello welcome you to my channel today you will learn how to get rid of age spots stop aging skin and moisturize it wrinkles with ancient Chinese this mask recipe natural recipe mask is widely known as the elixir of youth and is used to over the centuries big amount special people this popular Mask enjoys Japan and namely Japanese
  • 00:30: woman invented this using the recipe which remain its beauty and youth applying mask gives results within week of use skin on the face pulled and rejuvenated soft and velvety The basis of this mask Rice is their composition of rice contains substances such as vitamin E and squalene linoleic acid which is strong
  • 01:00: antioxidant and Squalene protects the skin from sunlight capable of enriching cells with oxygen and stop them Aging Together, these Components stimulates the collagen and reduce wrinkles one of the reasons wrinkles is an inadequate collagen its reduction production associated with age hormone change wrong powered smoking
  • 01:30: Besides rice is very rich starch and starch Nowadays almost say replacement of Botox and 50 you will look much younger his years deep cleansing and skin moisturizing wrinkles and tightening of problem disposal areas of the face of pigment spots all this will give your skin mask and rice so the ingredients 3 tablespoons rice 1 1 tablespoon honey
  • 02:01: tablespoon milk preparation 3 tablespoons and rice boil in a glass water's Have time to it you still useful to further mix well boiled rice milk and honey the resulting mask Apply on the face and Leave until completely Forest after drying then rinse warm water rinse remainder water by after cooking rice This skin does not wipe give just call first
  • 02:31: week make three such masks through every two days to good nourish skin after that will be enough to do such a mask 1 once a week for maintain freshness and moisture and your skin clean and so now you know Ancient mask recipe which is capable of stop aging Well, today it is all I wish you all and be young and beautiful subscribe to channel so as not to skip The update adds
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