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8 ways to fall asleep quickly and to sleep well in 6 hours - And forever to get rid of sleeplessness  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hi, I'm Alex Lukyanov! And now I'll show you how to fall asleep quickly and well sleep for 6 hours. The first thing you have to understand that the dream is not just a period, when you're lying in an unconscious state. During sleep, there is a restoration, cleaning and improvement of your body. In fact, going to sleep, you lie down in rejuvenating the camera, in which your body repairs and heals. But if you do not create the right conditions, your body
  • 00:31: poorly restored. So, during the day you will feel broken and you have to artificially motivate yourself to at least do something. But if the bad dream will be repeated often, your the body will age faster. Therefore, see this video to make your dream ideal body younger and living longer. To begin, let's define what is good SON 1. You fall asleep himself for 5-10 minutes.
  • 01:01: And it does not need to use some sort of sedative-hypnotics drugs. 2. You wake up in the morning. Rare waking in the night do not bother you, because you quickly fall asleep again. 3. You get up on their own, without the help of alarms, fresh and rested. And this is enough to be effective all day and workable. 4. Sleep and wake you at about the same
  • 01:31: time - within 10-15 minutes. 5. Even if for some reason your going to sleep delayed a couple of hours, the morning awakening at the same time It does not give you much trouble. So how come these measures, and thus begin sleep well. The first room in which you are sleep should be as dark. Any light bulb from equipment operating in sleep mode,
  • 02:00: the light from the street lamps will irritate your brain during sleep, and thus the quality of rest is below. The same applies to any sounds that you can disturb. Therefore, if in the room to achieve complete darkness and good sound insulation is not possible - buy a mask and earplugs. Try to go to bed about the second 22 veche¬ra and rise at 6 am. The fact is that every hour of sleep before midnight gives 2
  • 02:31: times greater effect in terms of recreation. That is, if you go to bed at 22 and get up at 4 am, the night's sleep in just 6 hours. And the effectiveness of this will be equal to 8 hours of sleep, as if you lay down at midnight and got up at 8am. Because our physiology is arranged in accordance with the biological rhythms. During the third hour before bedtime is best not to ship your brain horror movies, work or something else to strain
  • 03:01: ! The fact is that during sleep, the brain is 6 times more than it treats the information that is I came to him for the last hour. So if an hour before sleep your brain is strained, the and at night he would tighten, not relax. Try to read something light, listen to music, to play with the baby, or do anything else relaxing. If you urgently need to solve a problem, Enables the methodology of this video.
  • 03:32: In most cases, you'll wake up in the morning with solution of this problem. And best of all without any effort on your part. Fourth During sleep, our body not only tourists, but also cleaned of toxins and waste products. And the worst thing you can do - it's dense dinner. The last meal should be 2-3 hours before bedtime. And it is better to avoid the heavy meat-type food.
  • 04:01: Otherwise, your body during sleep will not deal recovery and purification, and digesting dinner. As you know, a good sleep here will not work. If hunger is visiting you before bedtime, drink a cup of yogurt for an hour before bedtime. Fifth Turn to your health and raising vital energy. To begin to fully test their health. If you have nowhere to nothing hurts it does not mean
  • 04:30: that there is no disease. Any illness wasting resources of your body. So at night the processes of recovery and rejuvenation are not as effective. And make your sleep difficult and disturbing. The next thing to understand - the less you are active during the day, the more you have a problem sleep and the process of falling asleep. Most of the problems with insomnia is just there precisely because of this. The human body simply does not have time to spend all energy for the day, and so the body simply does not want to
  • 05:04: sleep, as he still remained a large stock of excess energy. So find time and ways to be physically active. And one more thing - if you are overweight, what your sleep will also flow to the low efficiency recovery processes. Therefore, look at this video to learn how to quickly and lose weight permanently. Sixth - Sleep on a firm surface.
  • 05:30: At night, the body must be drawn. Bones and joints may be drawn only when we lie on rigid surface. This is especially important for the spine. Understand simple thing. Our body was formed thousands of years in the course of evolution. And then no mattresses were not. And our body is accustomed to restore it when we sleep on hard surfaces. If you love down pillows and mattresses, you choose comfort instead of restoration and rejuvenation.
  • 06:04: Think about what's best for you and make the right choice. Seventh - Make your bedroom a friendly place. Comfortable temperature room at 20 degrees. Total darkness and absence of extraneous sounds. The bedroom should be well ventilated before bedtime. Ideally you should sleep with micro-ventilation. That is, it must be a constant supply of fresh air. For registration use warm, soothing colors,
  • 06:33: which will lead you to a state of equilibrium before bedtime. Disconnect all electrical appliances. Even in sleep mode, they emit electromagnetic radiation, disturbing your sleep. Eighth - Learn to sleep naked. Any, even the most comfortable clothes during sleep breaks blood circulation, slowing down the recovery process. These are all basic guidelines to help you feel good
  • 07:02: sleep for 6 hours. The more you implement them, the faster you will go to sleep and the more you will have strength for the next day. For insomnia, I have said that the main its cause is the lack of physical activity during the day. The more energy you spend in a day, the faster you fall asleep. Also, you get to sleep faster help 15 minute walk leisurely pace before going to bed or a warm relaxing
  • 07:30: shower. If you have any questions - ask them in the comments and you will receive a detailed response. Think video helpful for themselves - to put Like and tell your friends as a good sleep for 6 hours. Also subscribe to my channel to every Monday getting a new video self-help.