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  • 00:00: Hello and welcome Welcome to my My name is Julia kitchen I'm going to do dough something dough as I I call test yogurt without yeast using soda and I decided to write for you this video blog very often I asked to do culinary blogs with my kitchen thinking why not just these videos have not was the more you their You live you know Videos that have I marvel at the channel
  • 00:31: Accumulated more dough one and a half million View large quantity comment and there's always It is going small group skeptics just still in the comments who write that I'm wrong I make the dough will awful and honeycomb will very much you felt you know such commentators As a rule I say you first try the way I I am offering you stream write because as Typically, first write before doing well
  • 01:02: I can say when the offering sodas add directly to Kefir is wrong Now with this method soda will not felt you need to put out soda Soda is needed It is ready to have just sprinkle the dough her rolled dough rolled back is sprinkled over 100 again wrapped and again rolled a rolling pin what for to achieve the effect of the puff pastry
  • 01:31: the dough was maximally approached by quality to the yeast test it to be air to it well suited it was raised soft and elastic if you add soda once in the yogurt it and will repay normal sleep test on yogurt with addition salt nothing special and here it is a miracle It happens when you soda poured on necessarily try this way and today I have more
  • 02:00: time blog demonstrate how I cook the dough what principle I I use I go over everything the maximum in count ingredients because that very often for a long time also say that it is not clear how much then add today clearly all again without excess but their chatter all comments show went so So let's proceed to preparation of a miracle the body I required for its
  • 02:30: cooking again I repeat here at I 500 milliliters kefir desirable not cold to get it in advance of refrigerator to a little bit of it warmed dining sugar spoon here most gorochku can be afraid without it a pinch of salt without 2 salt dough will tasteless unleavened here here teaspoon soda Do not be afraid of soda taste there is absolutely no
  • 03:01: it will not feel if you will comply right technology vegetable oil common refined deodorized here 120 milliliters do not be afraid to add him in this amount to some may seem that the dough It is bold there is absolutely no other way one will simply simply tough and not tasty and here's my a pound of flour and We need to look greater or less
  • 03:31: go immediately becomes clear and apples at me I a plan make pie apples later although this test you can do absolutely any products and so I make yogurt I pour the sugar salt the dough is cooked very simple and very easy and pour oil it is desirable to Oil was also not not cold ice ah room
  • 04:00: I have a temperature many beaters but I still more convenient to all is mixed with Use a fork to much simpler and easier this way if you now zasypet here that soda then of course it is will be felt Now seriously, many They believe that yogurt soda need be sure to pay off But in this recipe You do not need
  • 04:31: she once again not felt will only If you do it here do not send and the dough itself will completely different for The quality of many skeptics but before what to write comments need try here try this my recipe and you will understand what the way in which I suggest you he much better and Now gradually begins to interfere
  • 05:00: here we are for any business yeast dough I really like but Here is a test of yogurt and soda just still get analogs of yeast more useful probably and much more quickly faster than drozhevoe's dough so I sprinkled here a pound of flour
  • 05:34: So I think that more here will not be required Now fill flour we turn to you to kneading at table and usually knead on silicone mat podsypaya flour I spread the dough more a little flour
  • 06:17: test should feel hands sure that there you need to understand how much flour you here need to add it should be here straight here so here slightly soft
  • 06:31: breathable should not be tight and strong because if the dough you hurts another the product of his will cranberry and hard see my dough yet stick to hands so I slipped a little flour its main 3g not stir not kill
  • 07:03: even a little bit you We get half a kilo flour dough itself and another where a 100 gram probably on kneading on the table the fact that no sticks to the hands mat forming
  • 07:30: then I take the ball rolling pin and start it roll out roll out the dough need from center to edges again subtly Now roll out from us It needs to roll out stratum enough a plump Go take a soda work pinch here and sprinkle the entire layer try baking soda share what soda number
  • 08:00: that you have about 3 Well 1 the same three parts that is, the three here just such sprinkling sprinkled by hand smeared rolled dough and once again roll out second run
  • 08:30: sprinkled like this rubbed across surface turn We add a little flour and once again unrolled
  • 09:03: the remaining soda strewed assigned again turned so shaped balloon and now leave dough rest minutes twenty-three until
  • 09:31: I rest the dough I was engaged cooking filling just Apples peeled off sliced peel here such small diced very granulate do not need because the cake It will be the largest so finely-finely Me needed and now I just sprinkle sugar here so you no longer need
  • 10:00: tablespoon I have one and a half apples sweet-sour here filling is ready So zaymomsya test they lie down rested look but the gentlest pour flour mat on self test I
  • 10:30: it is divided into 2 parts because many It will be one of the just the same cook apple pie and the second part I remain on pizza which children happy to eat and start the dough roll it very gentle and soft, flexible so rolled out very easy and this seriously No one even did not Unlike yeast here and so on sensation to the touch think that you
  • 11:00: to work with yeast dough such as a soft and the elastic and here as bubbles see inside Roll out the dough into thin layer here this circle I turned I making pie principle pizza ring the fact is here so on
  • 11:30: half a lap I spread filling remaining half all lee distribute stuffing in half dough like this and the second half cover with and zaschipyvaem edge and
  • 12:01: more easily I shift our on a baking pie the laid baking paper and will it to you here what I got but first Of course, I grease the top beaten, I pay white from the yolk completely shaken egg and grease silicone brush surface
  • 12:31: and now I am taking girl and several places like this do punctures to the air outlet not to cake inflated and in the oven preheated to 190 may even be 200 degrees and the second part I now make a test pizza is not on the ring I will take a lot your time I leave a link to Video recipe I cook dunce he
  • 13:00: nothing special changed so I did it behind the scenes I just want to show look a mild and supple not elastic dough dough a tale straight that's quick to prepare simple and easy see the beauty and goods which for him I will be prepared pizza already inside I ham cheese mozzarella and dried basil all well I turned to the same the technology and sauce I water
  • 13:30: ring is not on top of the sauce we can take ready-made can store prepare themselves Here here at me home ketchup and I added here a little tomato paste to all this It got a little thicker on the uniform consistency So also in the form of recipes I
  • 14:00: I show how I accident sauce the way if just grease the usual ketchup Shopping it will but not the home cook sauce for pizza this very topic like this and followed by cake I send pizza bake in heated oven pizza, too, I usually baked at 200 degrees not less the mask for me spying
  • 14:30: [music] cake has cooled a bit, I begin his cut it is extraordinarily delicate dough just breathes here's a look I do not know can be seen in the camera is not it incredibly air even better than
  • 15:01: yeast, and on the way next day it completely dry Unlike yeast dough its original form It is like that very very very delicious cake turned be sure to try experiment on sincerely advise here Test this recipe because any articles thereof get a very
  • 15:30: gentle air and delicious on this I agree with you I say goodbye to new meetings on my channel still necessary I'll see you all until [music] [music]