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  • 00:00: Hello everyone I'm doing and today I want you show and tell But about the promised igrushechki last video I I showed this brooch and many girls interested in how it is done and and asked him to show tell here now everything but tell first I would like you give thanks girls so much heat so warm and kind reviews but I do not even know how sometimes react are read and
  • 00:30: your comments and that's right up crying girl thank you very much for your kindness for your feedback thank you very much it is a very warm soul I I will try shoot for you answer your questions [music] thank you very much Well here and now I tell you about the brooch but I alone large 40 always white Absolue
  • 01:00: Bead there Boucicaut there are all sorts of decorations but imagine that to me was when I started to learn create here these here things I'm so I fascinated by this very enthralling process is very beautiful and very well inspiring Well First I'll show you several brooches chuk my and and after that I will show will together and do well, Now I want to start with
  • 01:30: first brooches Give it is not the first which made here one of the first brooches who's braids and there is little Order is here I used Czech Beads Chinese Beads bugles and leatherette well bulavochka this is now basis for brooches here This brooch in the center Button itself button course very chic here it is beautifully trimmed with beads and
  • 02:00: used Czech Beads These plastic very rosy beautiful brooch. on the steps leather must be very attentive glue neatly work carefully because now and then Now schools are on the skin there may stay but specks Here is another brooch the same plan but the letter is the letter and she I am a little bit what
  • 02:30: Kriven'ko happened Now keep in mind here the middle, not sewn on d or e hole to do more because Then sew the two beads you Place of origin or here and so have leave this is now most simple brooch that can be to start making it some seemed quite be formless and a stone but very beautiful here It is used and a little stone acrylic crumbs beads and Czech
  • 03:01: beads But interestingly shape is introduced medallions and such here heart that's actually a fashion now so democratic that you can invent any whatever form and dimensions and come up Anything Well classic Of course not dying must still be one of my shanyrak is a large brooch so pretty big massive here
  • 03:32: it also Czech the beads and plastic beads used glass and all sorts Here is such a different Chanel to actually cuttings can be done as you wish, you can sew threads of possible use the line can do on all without wires just the basics here wire and even kleyut glue plant here these stones but I do not know, I teach and that's
  • 04:01: currently rented until video as stocks I saw somewhere it's little wood sticks you can catch zazhigalochkoy but In fact they are the same such small the product is not even here seen it all out When you shoot video very close-up Of course all of these here shoals can be seen here By the way it is necessary to take Note this method detect any shortcomings remove the video larger and that's already there
  • 04:30: all show up and all see you see what a beautiful letter s happened and here how great Well, when the difference what materials are using here already me here and bicones and Czech glass and swarovski crystals and bugle looks very delicious rich beautiful tsiferka there so I really even I noticed in process until learned and sewed a lot of them and you experimented
  • 05:00: from the background is of great a value that is here the very foundation on which you sew, I usually I use felt and may be Fitr different colors and here background color is value can be use for foundations and fabric but also then out of the corner you probably have coated with adhesive or pva some colorless that all this is not showered well, or not miss the fabric 5 but the letter a beautiful
  • 05:31: I like it very much I like to back Brooches can also be must take any fabric I do not know but Of course the skin has Leather Glossy Jonathan wipe somewhere in my some throw cheeks there suede again on there should be very cautious course glue because have quickly there if you say glossy, you can quickly there somehow somewhere to wipe out
  • 06:01: suede do difficult one I she can see no sewn holes without this I I did not become I make a hole It seems quite a but when if God see the hole you have already I realized I was talking David over at once take into account that if you it will settle inside the beads it has reduced this is now necessary do not forget here some shaped as letters and
  • 06:30: some brooches I here I show I brought from the store they have me in stores with sales So I actually to think that I did not think they spend in the sales so it was that's just a hobby, and that's when I was in my accumulated lots of jewelry not all possible Only brooches me I like to try all materials are This technique is not everything
  • 07:00: I know and backgrounds I experimented in Generally in such excitement It came to me like try everything all all and accumulated here just the whole score Now these ornaments and I direct my Victor just made when I began to do two point they are so so beautiful and here it is and when it it saw it somehow accumulated rapidly it turns all the same And it just me caused by burns and that put themselves in
  • 07:30: it will store buy and like this way but somehow I still shy but somehow I always so that's where a dissatisfied but yet here I want to say those who can be wants it business to do it it turns out that even and income is beautiful girls here are brooches generally chosen jewelry and any other decorations handmade very very
  • 08:00: I demand I do not know maybe is the region dependent but can be do even that I have this business Of course I do not have a business I have another simple work and I can not do constantly add the Communist Party to all and so pure in As a hobby you like she was doing and put Now that's for sale Thanks to Victor and you You know it's sold It appears and you know if enforces the purpose is here do something for sale These can be general
  • 08:31: such forms interesting to come up with all manner of straight just a bunch of ideas again if that's just ask to do it on Sale then that I so somehow I just I tried to speak all different but brooch see here elementary buttons 3 Three beads and barely there Ribbon and quite a very avant-garde cast It turned out that there
  • 09:01: girl you know but that's the initial stage here you are now we'll try we will learn to do These wedges yes you do can if you have no beads and beads in order god can use some may even be old broken some jewelry thingies buttons some out there I do not know all that piece of wood anything is possible come up even fabric ponadelat and roses and do here such
  • 09:30: brooches just myself a process that's how it everything is done I will I am going to show everything I talk and you see the girls are it I probably could It is not the only one probably not the only one so that's always me it seemed that what I Doing their own hands but in at least but maybe this there is beautiful can Me and my family seemed nice but I thought that they worthy that
  • 10:02: You can even put for sale and here are I want to repeat you girls are in this maybe even your business It may even be We have done in your life who knows that is try now make a brooch and so far from what you You find the house of scrap materials and then you look and become some renowned designer jewelry
  • 10:31: girls here on the fact in this case here used Technology gap when we are expanding the beads beads but if you I wonder if you You want to learn more more about decorating Zhenyok I'll show you how making bracelets all kinds of all sorts of equipment beading how to collect earrings all there necklace in Generally that is decoration not only jointing can do as they are collected
  • 11:01: completely different so if you interesting and we can this heading do currently it is for decoration and more girl I knit very much and I always spokes knitting and here again when sewing patchwork by in those days I and I mastered the hook really like this business and if you I wonder show knitting and also here only just time at all to find but with this we fish
  • 11:30: somehow will understand write comments ask questions if you are interested and We write about it too Well if the girl you're wondering how all it is done if you You want to try something Stay with me continue