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How to make \"liquid skin\" in house conditions. We restore leather things independently!  See details »

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  • 00:07: Hello dear friends glad welcome you to I look at my channel Thread Footwear and elimination all kinds of defect cause considerable interest so I decided to a little more continue this theme and I want to show you one of the options when you liquid skin principle can done by hand
  • 00:30: say if you have boots on it there is a defect which serious loss which is not clogged not cream and anything other you can use your same boots as a donor only gives you need embodiment will be hidden that is, let's say here you see He is here to pal that way Basically that's it place never It is in sight well or generally lapel and these here is that called that the grid
  • 01:01: It can also be used as donor in general I watch videos I think you will interesting way to simple enough easy application well That's how it was then show results which will
  • 01:31: by the way and know how before closed up the skin well, then have skin defects I did not even have such here liquid that's made I'm just telling when for the first time or for me it is I liked the fact there taken solvent It is poured onto the skin Now in this way to accumulate paint and then paint applied to damage is admissible Now such damage and no paint
  • 02:03: this paint is applied here's another one variant liquid skin I hope the video was useful for you put the huskies subscribe to channel use the button Share this all meet in next bye bye