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  • 00:00: Pain under the shoulder blade, in the area of ​​the blades, pain in the back, which is limited to the shoulder blades. One of the pressing problems of today. I want you never to warn ladies and gentlemen, that there is two cases in human life when we do not in any way You do not have to endure the pain. Namely - a heartache, or the so-called heartaches and pain in the shoulder blades, and pain
  • 00:31: between the shoulder blades. What is the reason? This is due to the fact that in the first place, if the pain in the heart cause us fear death, psihostenizatsiyu, psihopatizatsii, the pain in the shoulder blades, pain in the shoulder blades left or right. Pain in the back between the shoulder blades threatens us with depression, not in terms of our mental behavior, but from the point of view of the state of electropulse
  • 01:01: signals and lymphatic system and blood circulation. I want you to immediately draw your attention that the blade or vanes, so-called skapulya occupies one of the leading organizations in our places back. Just imagine for a moment that since from the second to the eighth thoracic and the thoracic vertebra both the left and the right is associated with our blades. Here we have the right scapula, here we left scapula.
  • 01:32: Now notice what organs and systems which are we on the right and correspond to the zone of innervation blades. First and foremost is the tip of the lungs. In the second place, it is our right bronchial tree. In third place - a thick ascending department bowel. A fourth place - it is the state of our liver. In fifth place - it is the state of our gallbladder.
  • 02:03: If we turn to the left, it is in our top of the left the lung, the left bronchial tree, spleen, pancreas, iron, descending colon department beginning descending part of the colon, and directly our heart. And so in order to rid yourself of the problem problems that can develop from both the
  • 02:32: right bodies, so-called, which correspond to right shoulder blade, and from the left-wing bodies, which correspond to the left shoulder blade. I'll show you a simple exercise in the performance, which is very well it helps you get rid of the pain as a right scapula, both under the left shoulder blade and on the border back between the two scapular region. This exercise is called the average fraternity rings.
  • 03:04: It runs it is very simple. You need here in this way to combine a large and index finger of the left palm, connect more and the index finger of his right palm, bring to the middle Now joining hands in this way, to bring to the middle of the sternum. To make it clear where we have the middle of the sternum, we have it is exactly in the middle, the middle
  • 03:33: between the jugular notch and the xiphoid process. Here in this place, here in this place, here in this place we are mean. And when we are here in this way we conclude with you our hands, forming a brotherhood rings mean, we just yet you are working on the musculo-ligamentous apparatus blades. No wonder, no wonder as the blade left or right call
  • 04:03: gatherers of the back muscles. Gatherers back muscles, so that we could you remove the spastic conditions, we need to relax gatherers, to relax the muscles and remove, try at least remove the spastic conditions. I'm not going into the origin of the pain on both the left and the right, I'm just warning you that it is extremely necessary
  • 04:31: Exercises to relieve spastic pains. And so we formed one ring formed a second ring brought to the middle of the sternum, deep breath, exhaled sharply, and not breathing, we try for 5-7 seconds to break the brotherhood rings, we are trying to break the brotherhood rings, to draw your attention that it's just such a
  • 05:01: rings are formed, and jerky movements, jerky movement, concern bunch of the thumb and forefinger finger, thumb and index finger. Do not go deeply into the palm of your hand, this is the wrong exercise. This is not performed correctly, this wonderful exercise, Now we formed a single ring, a second ring connected at sternum level, mid sharply inhaled, exhaled
  • 05:32: and pulled within 5-7 seconds. We think five - seven seconds, it's five or seven times twenty-one. Twenty-one, twenty-one, twenty-one, twenty one, twenty-one, twenty-one, is enough. Slowly dissolve the fingers, put your hands on your hips and restore spontaneous breathing. I draw your attention that we are equally good and actively
  • 06:01: you are working both on the trapezius muscles, both the broad muscles, so in the rhomboid muscle behind and the large and small pecs front. That is the very jerky muscle, which we unfortunately you less and less use. Therefore, remember the good old Soviet times. Industrial gymnastics, exercises on the system breaks, start your morning with a squat, with subsidence
  • 06:33: and that's just such exercises that restore the quality of these muscles. Because at night the muscles to put it mildly They gather in a pile. What is the reason? This is due to the fact that at night we maximize working liver, which cleans our blood and that cleans ligaments. Therefore, in the morning we have to wake up. Not only the eyes and ears, but also need to wake up muscles.
  • 07:00: And if we imagine these things do not allow, we formed spasms. Therefore, in order to successfully cope with the cramps, average exercise brotherhood rings at the middle chest, the sternum, which will save you from successfully chronic and acute pain in the vanes, in back at the boundary between the blades. In the area of ​​both the right and the left scapula. And since the average exercise brotherhood rings help
  • 07:30: you will be healthy, beautiful and happy. I invite you to the master class, which will focus on struggle with pain in neck and neck area of ​​the back, the thoracic spine, which will take place very soon. It is in this master class will show you exercises that quickly, easily relieve you of the reasons for these pains, and we will tell you about the nature of their occurrence. Since you were MD, Victor Vladilenovich
  • 08:03: Kartavenko.