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  • 00:00: hello today I want to offer you here is a tracery Th pattern which very easy to fit looks very Journe such fun lace told clove has come nakida some year of zhaketik perhaps you can connection between the lower part pico chair of his one row to erupt squirrels and the next lace veerochek herringbone lace veerochek highly recommend repeat of this pattern 8 loops for sample 6 +
  • 00:33: I gained 30 loops and in about one-tenth knit the first wishbone times Two Three May 4 six thousand
  • 01:02: column of air and in the second column one loop base 10 even series we will have these two air loops and column with sc in fourth with sc
  • 01:31: across a number Knit twigs and fourth column with Air nakida 2 not between March 4 girl
  • 02:03: so finished knitting 1 series of chain derrick and it is these little things we will face side we will provyazyvat a fan that is but these stitches koch each wishbone I will handle consist of 6 but columns Dad shared in the We begin to knit with
  • 02:31: the first three first column [music] sometimes on the second we to associate pequod peak is three aerial loops and poddevat two vase legs connection loop such peak after 2 column with sc and provyazyvaem here the first 3 here
  • 03:03: group you right of the three pillars in We prepared the air loop and now left sales group also three columns first second column after Second, we need to tie peak Mar. 1 carcass for grabs coupling and a third eyelet
  • 03:31: the last column here is the squirrel Now I will show here a pen and we very will further columns knit columns have will not air eyelets and the same zamudrenny veerochek hi this is a ball or
  • 04:03: one two Three 3 air Collar that we disconnects those groups I and pens and 1 2 and after second peak at but once you
  • 04:36: and completing the last column 2 bind veerochek and as the lattice itself skype That's how all of the second a number we need penetrate further in
  • 05:00: we are having a column this pink and about 3 and will hand we need to finish column with sc We reckon the two loops February 1 though 3 and attach with third column junction lifting chain of 5
  • 05:33: after all here we are wishbone ie pattern repeated quite difficult to ie knit three number as 1 here at between any of us caps 1 Air tabs on her about We do our Christmas tree sc column air column
  • 06:03: rs2 repeat as knit as the number 1 over a column with sc post with nakida here comes Track and columns and and Ira the fork will go also tracks antiquity and stuffy This air too fork column
  • 06:33: Wrong side mane funny hubs sc we have it, and the last fork in this series column eastern column time and at the end of series bar with no sc
  • 07:02: three chain to attach Now to the most extreme three loops connected series is Wrong side chain Now we will have 1 and lifting our 1 2 3 4 5 s novels glasses provyazyvaem here are days speckle handle
  • 07:31: lifting the chain of three on each twig repeat knitting 6 columns