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  • 00:10: Hello to you Vitaly Kupriyanov Welcome to new video lesson program videopad video editor I have already issued a few lessons this program but product already out a newer version updated interface is the the main difference between the that this interface
  • 00:30: fully translated the Russian language is It is certainly A huge plus for users this program so we will disassemble all functions with reference to the zero program, you can see in the description of this video go to official website and press the button download After you upload files to computer you
  • 01:00: You run it and install this a very simple process not cause any difficulties so I I go straight to the Program we are now let us briefly consider video interface pet for subsequent lessons and it will be a series the lessons we consider all functions Effects work with audio and so on well, Well I open program and to
  • 01:31: us there restart the window video professional pet us program offers create a new project already open there is some project, etc. If you do not want to the window you appear click on the tick that is, that this window It does not start when next start I click on the tick and Create a new project that we face
  • 02:00: opens here this interface in the first place left us here will be displayed all the files that we We will upload a program that is if you will be download video pet video clips files that accordingly they will appear on videos tab if you will be download it on audio This tab will not displayed pictures here the first tab we
  • 02:30: see video series that it is let let us briefly consider video down Here below we have scale time video series is everything that we create and mount on the scale time that is prune unnecessary of the clips impose any effects music and so on all this is one video video we to keep on computer format Video video file
  • 03:02: it's our job such video series, we can create great quantity that is, I move the mouse cursor Now to the plus seconds to add a new video and I added video 2 is such a tab and here video 2 here we can also been working with other clips such as creating completely different work and we we want to save its work on
  • 03:30: a computer we choose the video which will save and actually keep on computer to preserve us course will speak in a separate video tutorial to delete video we over mouse leads to the Crosses and remove video series so that we see further at the top we have several different buttons menyushek features we to consider
  • 04:00: over the next lessons will now briefly I'll talk about that here there are so some functions Often that is duplicated tab we file can open the tab, see here a list of actions function and so on the same thing we see and a file in this menu are same function here located on the main
  • 04:30: those functions which often can used in project that is opening of some project save add the file to the project ie import files into the program music clips and so further text added add an empty movie clip in the project tab let's record and reveal it here, we We can record video on webcam eg to make screenshot to record the screen
  • 05:01: we can have record video monitor screen up I record audio any particular audio files and voice Video here this tab entry and all its features we discuss in separate video tutorials also here you can see video effects audio effects and so etc. now we Go to the tab clips and see what's These so they function
  • 05:31: there are also and here they go and there is also video effects audio effects ie all the things that we can apply or to do something with clip is all here if we open tab clip we see here such big list functions or other words can say actions that It can be applied to
  • 06:00: clips that you use on the scale time in his project in the same way on the video tab you create a new removing the video existing video effects that will certainly dedicated probably not one video lesson there and color correction of movement transformation is will not only the effects of the use of but their animation
  • 06:30: the same applies to course and audio effects tab Export you save his work in the format video on a computer ie you can select the pound c that we provides program here or on this tab export as you can see some functions duplicated as you can immediately upload to youtube facebook and other
  • 07:00: Services We go further with us here displayed on the right preview video series we have two the tab is video preview that is that the clip that we import into program before edit if we will watch video number here of course It will also be displayed all our work we do on Timeline in
  • 07:31: previous versions there were two screens If you also want to do what you can go to the menu view and show dual preview and how we see our Now two screens Preview video and visuals to to bring back you can do the same action preview show dual preview I will leave here in such Well mode tab Well here we are brief and
  • 08:00: reviewed video interface pet as I said, we we will meet the following lessons from the this software product with all functions so do not Remember subscribe leave your no comments I ask questions I will be glad for them thanks for the answer it I or