Aleksandra Litovkina

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To GATHER in the STOMACH to Cure the WAIST to develop FLEXIBILITY All this 1 exercise a sotochka  See details »

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  • 00:00: efficient exercise sotochku so simple it's worth try effectively simultaneously press for a loin for stretching and for vessels of the brain of the brain and respiratory lay down systems mat arms along the body on exhalation rises so that the housing blades do not touch hands along the mat
  • 00:30: body and legs bent knees and rhythmically breathe and wave our hands so about 15 with stroke staying the same position put a foot vertically while Again the blades are not touch pad and again intensively breathe and waving the same body at 45 degrees
  • 01:00: 5 can be intensely 15 actually marks but to do that in the amount of all swings of your hands It was in one exercise sotochku following so swollen spreads her legs socks under the same angle as himself eventually very simple an exercise simultaneously worked for the press worked back elaboration respiratory system and vessels of the brain
  • 01:30: the brain and at the same time under the spine and legs so simple that well worth a try just a magazine and collected the most most popular effective and effective link by video