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  • 00:00: So all the greetings Dear friends Today we purchase language as you could hear we've got Now sales up seventy percent Yesterday I to do to length back but since I was a there too fast I was like or do not know what happened to me and gripe is not so easy I saw do not know took what I really why it was necessary to I rode very long there we did not go anything not buy unnecessary we have gone explore the Swedish shop where we picked up
  • 00:30: very show all here what's taken such here's a great package at We turned and still there is one small So I have chosen to dishes and so We begin start with the products we have Here is such a miracle cake that we I enjoy taking its not the first time Of course it costs expensive 400 rubles in well meter it costs more I know that the more expensive the same has to meters still awesome cakes We took out the whole two
  • 01:00: pieces the next thing I Evil Try it here these sausages are We were in the chicken I do not know all of yesterday just took that I grabbed that I leaned it too I believe and decided to take a well I look delicious taste good then necessarily all I tell the following that we took it here such here pechenyushki It is in the rose they upakovochke help with jam there even blue chocolate many are they zalet there have been discounted but with a little staged
  • 01:30: 70 rubles here take 2 so too upakovochke Now we proceed to dishes and other around I took a course it went evil Wipes 100 pieces and where did it without Kay I do not really wipes like they really they are dense cheap or 100 pieces of the there is enough in Basically a long time and always take them all I took the following it's been such a towels on them
  • 02:01: mother novelty and do not know I used here is not seen it cost 100 rubles discount as the kitchen in I have been here it is I noticed another site same kitchen us black and white colors I have now decided to take here so that's just in the black-white Polotenchik but regretted for it was necessary to take another two or rather well, a couple more one to him had take course mark will yes it is possible but beautiful know
  • 02:30: beauty demands I took the following it's this here Spoon pasta I honestly know zadolbalas just their spaghetti forever cheat on a fork put there so unless the pan or pans is not convenient So this is it, and scoops like convenient to put them dish cool stuff worth 69 rubles economy come in handy the next I want to go different stages of
  • 03:00: just mugs from these colored plates and so I I decided to buy all one of some All colors exchange all change dramatically and so I bought I bought here two here such here mug brown way throw It was declared as the gray is not worth 69 rubles took here Such are the 2 and took that so it all diluted scowl Now this took two are still white
  • 03:30: know will come when guests all drank of identical cups because the wildly enrages when one's circle gray-brown-crimson yet another any I took the next 4 here such here dessert plates pure white white without there without without there pictures but you I know I will not say that it is true dessert, it seems to me Not only can put some cake and easier but they amiss and ordinary dishes here here
  • 04:00: Such are the small plates Stalin on the 59 rubles I I considered normal the next thing and evil it's this here bowl had a lot of I think for a salad to such that they, too, 59 rubles is not amiss could pass by and He sits on what I generally there Goal my trip was that take tureens I do not know us at all House no normal tureen to eat soup of some deep I even searched already full of shops but they are not swept
  • 04:30: it is deep normal hand I of course I would like to take white but white yesterday just was not Now, a new Such is the collection their dark blue such dishes they cost 89 rubles very funny it seems to me very convenient capacity thing they OK yes Depth the same were still pistachio colors So I think either take a pistachio dark blue in the end He stopped at the dark blue because it seems to me that if further pick ware is dark blue
  • 05:02: cool in harmony with the white so much so that he took here such until the two things I took the following it's such here square plates but it was still my campaign Hockey long before this campaign here such so I do not know but that's why this here it is up to plates Now this style they pricey everywhere I I do not know why Now this form and
  • 05:30: so not worth the budget in general here such here plates also very quite as much as possible principle and fun to serve and not of them eat and next Last though no recent following this purchase such a container plastic but I think about it is not necessary speak in Ikeja best These containers average purchase it so here I am dryer I decided to put here
  • 06:00: Now here are great all devices there is a new type of ladles and blade things they are now hang simple hooks I do in the kitchen just wildly enrages post it all with They always dripping this water and I decided here that they all relocate and one of us here we We can see the hole and I also took the floor it cost 29 rubles, the there is everything here so Now it looks yes, and voila everything on this
  • 06:33: were all my purchases if you like put this video thumbs up subscribe to my channel and to new all meetings until